lt fuel economy tests



Group Make and Model MPG (US) Fuel Savings
A International LT 625 with A26
Volvo VNL with D13
B International LT 625 with A26
Kenworth T680 with MX13
C International LT 625 with A26
Freightliner Cascadia with DD13


What does it mean to the customer?

To the customer better fuel economy means one thing: lower operating costs so they can make more money in profit.
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As an example, if you had a 100 truck fleet and assumed:

• Each truck drove 120,000 miles per year
• Plug in your current average MPG per truck
»»7.69 MPG for Freightliner
»»7.71 MPG for LT with A26
• Diesel price $2.50/gallon

If each fleet drove a total of 12,000,000 miles per year, the results would be:

• The Freightliner fleet would buy 1,560,468 gallons of diesel per year
• The International fleet would buy only 1,556,420 gallons of diesel per year or 4,048 gallons less


• The Freightliner fleet would pay $10,120 more in fuel costs per year than the International fleet.

lt versus

The A26 Fuel Economy Advantage

a26 engine 

1. The new cylinder head coolant passages are 50% less restrictive, reducing parasitic loss to the water pump, improving fuel economy.

2. The all new piston assembly features an increased compression ratio and a low friction skirt coating.  Fuel economy is further improved with low friction piston rings.

3. Oil cooler thermostat bypass allows oil to bypass the oil cooler in cold weather, to improve fuel economy.

4. A26 is specifically designed to use CK-4 and FA-4 oils.  FA-4 oil delivers optimal fuel economy.

2500 bar (36,300 psi) high pressure common rail fuel system delivers maximum fuel injection pressure to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, with multiple injection events for smooth and quiet operation.

The Test

PIT Group performed independent third party fuel economy testing over a 300+ mile route including flat and hilly terrain.

International LT Freightliner
New Cascadia
Volvo VNL 670 Kenworth T680
A26 DD13 D13 MX-13
400 HP 400 HP 455 HP 455 HP
1550-1750 lb*ft @ 975 RPM 1750 lb*ft @ 975 RPM 1550-1850 lb*ft @ 900 RPM 1650 lb*ft @ 900 RPM
Eaton EN3 AMT DT12 Direct Drive Volvo i-Shift AMT Fuller EP3 AMT
2.47 2.28 2.79 2.64

Continental tires, dual drive, 6x4
Fuel Aerodynamic devices without Flow Below, without wheel covers
53' van trailers with trailer skirts, without trailer tails

2018 model year vehicles, 2017 GHG compliant engines.

The Route: Quebec

quebec route for lt test

Test dates: September 27 to October 19, 2017

Route: Quebec (Canada), on the test route Mirabel - Gatineau – Maniwaki (mid-point) – Grand-Remours - Mont-Laurier - Mont- Tremblant – Mirabel

The Trucks

international ltfreightliner volvokenworth
Top left: International LT 625
Top right: Freightliner Cascadia CA136SLP
Bottom left: Volvo VNL64T670
Bottom right: Kenworth T680

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