Introducing the Deloupe Tilt Deck Recovery Trailer

There are many different manufacturers selling Tilt Deck Recovery trailers - and let’s be honest, many may look the same. So, what separates a good recover trailer from a great one? Well, the difference is in the details, and those details are what makes Deloupe Tilt Decks a cut above the rest.

So here are seven important details that set Deloupe Tilt Decks apart from competitors.

1. No Traditional Rollers

The axles slide on a high-density self-lubricating Teflon/nylon blend instead of rollers, which has a lifespan of 7-10 years. This allows Deloupe to use tighter tolerances, which increases the lifespan of bushings, tires and more. You can also replace an entire nylon system for around the same cost as just one set of rollers on a competitor’s trailer, reducing your maintenance costs exponentially.

2. Superior Cylinders

Deloupe cylinders are superior in three ways. Firstly, the cylinder is in a closed position when travelling down the road. This prevents pitting from sand, rocks and other debris which increases the cylinder's lifetime up to 4 to 7 years. Secondly, the cylinder has a larger diameter of 5.5”. This provides more power when moving your axles back into position when the trailer is loaded. And thirdly, Deloupe cylinders are much stronger and more stable than competitor trailers because they use one solid rod cylinder instead of 2 long stroke hollow ones, which have been known to fail.

3. 18-Point Grease Manifold

Next, let’s talk about the grease system. Deloupe Tilt Decks have an 18-point grease manifold to facilitate lubricating slack adjusters, cams and more. This makes greasing those hard-to-reach places more simple and efficient – so maintaining your equipment is easier.

4. Robust Chassis

Deloupe Tilt Decks also have one of the most robust chassis on the market, with a 1” bottom flange and a ¾” top flange. Also, the open chassis design eliminates steel tubes entirely, which have a tendency to rot from within. Deloupe uses 3/16 channels while others use 1/16 giving Deloupe trailers a much longer frame life.

5. No More Guide Tracks

Another detail is the coiled air system. Instead of guide tracks, which are prone to break in cold weather and are costly to repair and increase your downtime, Deloupe’s coiled air system is built to handle the cold - negating those issues.

6. Winch and Storage

Furthermore, Deloupe trailers come standard with a 30,000-pound winch and storage built into the gooseneck, helping you tackle heavy loading jobs with ease.

7. Jack Knife Protection System

The Jack Knife protection system allows the trailer to tilt even when the tractor is positioned in a tight angle, allowing you to get the job done even in the toughest circumstances.

All of these details and we haven’t even mentioned the Dust Shields for longer brake life, and options like shipping container sliders, train rails, hydraulic kick rollers and more.

The point is – Deloupe Tilt Deck trailers are certainly a cut above the rest.

For more information or to order one today, visit or call us Toll-Free at 1-888-242-6126.