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Trucks and Trailers for the Construction Industry

For the toughest trucks and the trailers that can haul the most - the construction trucks and trailers below are the ones you'll need on any job site. Whether you need dump trucks, heavy-duty trailers, or any other single, tandem, or tridem axle commercial trucks or trailers necessary for any construction job, you'll find it below.

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Dump Trucks

Need to haul gravel? Stone? Old materials? Dump trucks are absolutely essential for any large-scale construction sites.

We can new and used International dump/gravel trucks, and sometimes we carry used Peterbilt, Volvo, Kenworth and Freightliner dump trucks.



Deck Trucks

The International MV and HV make for great heavy-duty deck trucks. The International CV is also a terrific option since it can be driven by anyone with a Class 5 license.

We usually have new and used International deck trucks in-stock or you can custom order your own. Simply fill out this contact form.



Dry Van Trucks

Need to haul materials and smaller equipment that needs to be covered? Can't go wrong with a dry van.

Our International dry vans are usually built on an HV, MV, or CV, and these are available new and used. Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo and other dry van are available used when we have them in stock.



Day Cabs w/ Wet Kits

Day cabs are perfect for hauling tons of goods and materials across the city and wet kits are an absolute must in the construction industry. 

We always have new and used International day cab trucks in-stock, and various other used day cab truck brands as well.



Sleeper Trucks

Sometimes you need to haul equipment and materials across the country. The International HX and LT sleeper trucks are built for long-distance travel, with their cabs specifically designs to reduce wing drag and save you time and money.

Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo and other sleeper trucks are available from time to time.



Water Trucks

Typically outfitted with a Glendale water tank, our International water trucks can come in single or tandem axle models, with tanks that can hold up to 3,00 gallons.

We usually have a few water trucks in stock, but you can always custom order your own using this contact form.



Mixer Trucks

Our International cement trucks are usually built with an HV or HX cab and a Cummins L9 engine. However, other configurations are available.

We sometimes have cement trucks in stock, but you can always custom order your own using this contact form.



Tri Axle Dump Trucks

Built for those particularly heavy loads, International spif dump trucks are essential when hauling materials that are just too heavy for other truck brands to handle.

We sometimes have spif dumps in stock, but you can always custom order your own using this contact form.



Live Bottom Trailer

Available in tandem, tridem, or quad-axle configurations, live bottom trailers are perfect for hauling and safely unloading large amounts of materials.

We are an authorized Trout River dealer and all the live bottom trailers we sell are provided by them.



Deck Trailers

For loading up and hauling wood, steel, or anything else - a flat deck trailer is what you're going to need. And if you're working on a large-scale job site, it's almost a guarantee you'll be hauling long materials.

We always have flat deck trailers in stock, usually made by Great Dane or East. We also have been known to carry used Lode King, BWS and other deck trailer brands as well.



End Dump Trailers

Typically available in tandem or triaxle configurations, end dumps are one of the most popular types of dump trailers due to their easy product unloading features.

We sell new Arne's and East end dump trailers but carry multiple other used end dump trailer brands as well from time to time.



Side Dump Trailers

For asphalt, sand, metal, gravel, or any other smaller-size materials - side dumps are the way to go.

We are an authorized Arne's dealer, so all our new side dumps are manufactured by them. We may occasionally have used side dumps available from other brands.



Cross Gate Hoppers

Built with tandem or triaxle configurations, cross gate hoppers are becoming more and more popular and construction sites due to their variety of makes.

We usually have Arne's cross gates in stock at any given time. But if we don't, you can request your own using this contact form



Cab & Chassis

The International HV, MV, HX and can be outfitted with any type of body you could need on a construction site.

Whether you need a dump trailer, service body, dry van or anything else - we can custom build it and hook up to your new cab & chassis.