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New and Used Heavy Duty Trailers for Sale


Maxim Truck & Trailer offers a comprehensive line of new and quality used trailers from the industry's most respected brands including Great Dane Trailers, Arne’s Trailers, Timpte Trailers, and East Trailers. You can browse our inventory in person or online – no matter where our equipment is physically located, we can arrange for delivery to the location of your choice.

We stock trailers for every application. We have a huge inventory of Timpte grain trailers, Arne’s gravel dumps and low beds, dry vans, reefer vans, and deck trailers from Great Dane, Dumps and deck vans from East, and pre-owned storage vans from multiple brands. We pay attention to the demand from our customers and stock our inventory accordingly. Our Account Managers are always listening to our clients, and we try to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating their needs.

Dry Van Trailers

Available in single, tandem and tridem axle builds, these Great Dane trailers have some of the largest storage volume in the industry. With easy loading and unloading, Great Dane dry vans are the best option to go for if you need to haul non-perishable goods. Learn more about questions you should be asking when buying a dry van trailer here.

Refrigerated Trailers (Reefer Vans)

We carry Great Dane refrigerated trailers built with ThermoKing or Carrier reefer units. They come with either single, tandem or tridem axle builds and in either single-temp or multi-temp models. These trailers are ideally suited for the food service industry.

Deck Trailers

Flat deck trailers, drop deck trailers, step deck trailers, Super B deck trailers and low beds – when it comes to deck trailers, we carry them all. We sell new Great Dane, East and Arne’s deck trailers and many other models of used deck trailers, Lode King being a common example.

Gravel Trailers

We carry four different kinds of gravel trailers:

Cross Gate Hoppers

  • Available in clamshell and cross gate designs, these Arne’s trailers come in a variety of different models. Because of this, finding one to suit your desired job is quick and simple.

End Dump Trailers

  • Built for large loads consisting of all different kinds of materials including gravel, soil and asphalt, these Arne’s trailers come in tridem axle or tandem axle models. We carry East end dump trailers as well, available with an aluminum body, steel dump, frameless dump, and several other configurations.

Side Dump Trailers

  • Built large and tough enough to handle massive loads of metal, sand, gravel, asphalt, rocks and more, these Arne’s trailers can come in either a V-style box or tub-style box.

Live Floor Trailers (Walking Floor Trailers)

  • These Trout River trailers are available in shuttle floor and live bottom builds, coming in tridem, quad, and box configurations.

Grain Trailers

We sell Timpte grain trailers capable of hauling around 1,100 bushels of grain on average. We are particular fans of Timpte due to their aluminum construction, light design and flexible length builds. Timpte grain trailers come in 36 to 50 foots lengths.

Storage Trailers

Available in insulated and non-insulated models, storage trailers costs about $100 per foot of trailer length. Our storage trailers make easily movable storage containers for a variety of applications. Our storage trailers range from $990 to $4,900 depending on their size and condition. Our storage trailers are versatile and a great alternative to renting storage space, giving you the option to keep things secure and on-location without having to build facilities.

Heater Vans

Coming in either the MV or HV models, our septic and water trucks can hold up to 1,600 gallons with a single axle unit and 3,000 gallons with a tandem axle unit. Our standard hose size is 20 feet but this can be extended to as long or a short as you like. 

Sometimes a stock option will not cut it for your specific needs. That’s why we offer specialty trailers, and can custom-build a trailer for you. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, please talk to one of our trailer experts, and we can help you custom-design a trailer to your exact specifications, within your budget. We want you to be satisfied with any custom design project. We do thorough research and will make realistic recommendations for your business.

All trailers need a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). Learn more about PDIs here.

Get more information on financing a trailer here.

Learn more about questions you should be asking when buying a used trailer here.

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