new and used gravel trailers for sale in Canada

New and Used Gravel Trailers for Sale


Frequently Asked Questions About Gravel Trailers

About Maxim's Gravel Trailers

A gravel trailer from Maxim Truck & Trailer makes heavy duty hauling seem effortless. We’ll get you on your way with a range of side dumps, end dumps, and belly dumps – including steel and aluminum models. We also have leasing options available.

Application: Gravel, Snow, Demolition

Whether you’re buying or leasing, make Maxim Truck & Trailer your first stop for new and used light, medium, and heavy duty trucks. Call 1-888-242-6126 or find a location near you.

How much does a gravel trailer cost?

Gravel trailers can cost anywhere from $30,00 to over $100,000 for new gravel trailers and as low as $10,000 for used gravel trailers.

How much does a gravel trailer weigh?

Gravel trailers can weigh anywhere from 9,000lbs to 21,000lbs depending on the make, model, etc.

How much gravel can a gravel trailer hold?

Depending on the size of the box, gravel trailers can hold anywhere from 7 cubic yards to over 11 cubic yards.


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