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Heavy/commercial truck and trailer service and maintenance - Maxim's locations across Canada

Truck & Trailer Repair Service & Maintenance

Lower operating costs and maximize uptime through regular maintenance with Maxim Truck & Trailer. Schedule service and repairs in advance, or call us and we'll work around your operating schedule.

We offer preventative maintenance, repairs, and major component warranty work on most makes and models of heavy duty and medium duty trucks. Maxim’s nationwide crew of more than 200 service technicians are certified and receive ongoing training from equipment, engine, and component manufacturers. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our work.

Our Service capabilities include:

  • Consistent pricing across Maxim branches
  • Ability to service various makes and models
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Highly-skilled technicians
  • Luxury amenities while you wait
  • Commercial Vehicle Safeties (CVIP) - Learn more


Maxim Truck & Trailer offers a no hassle, North America wide warranty that guarantees new International parts installed in your truck for one year. The warranty covers parts and labour at any of the 1,000 International dealers in North America. We also manage other vendor warranties at select locations.

Our Service Capabilities



on site maintenance


On-Site Maintenance

You benefit from on-site service without the hassle of hiring, managing or training of Technicians.





preventative maintenance programs


Preventative Maintenance Programs

Service work is one of our core competencies. Many of our customers choose to outsource their maintenance to us so they can focus on their core competency.



factory trained heavy duty technicians


Factory-Trained Heavy Duty Technicians

Our Master Technician work force continues to grow as we build and invest in the largest, most advanced team of heavy duty technicians in Canada.





Liftgate Installation, Service and Repair

We supply, install and service hydraulic power tail and rail lift gates on both trucks and trailers. Single or double cylinder, power up or down, conventional, column, cantilever or stowaway, we can meet your needs.


mobile maintennace


Mobile Service

We will bring advanced preventative maintenance capabilities directly to you in Preventative Maintenance Trucks. Minimize downtime, save on fuel and labor by allowing your drivers to focus on their customers instead of shuttling equipment back and forth.





Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Monitor contaminants, identify possible sources, provide early warning signs to potential catastrophic failures, reduce unscheduled downtime, optimize oil drain intervals and support Warranty claims to enhance recovery.





DPF Cleaning Solutions

Minimize downtime, air pollution and fuel costs while extending the efficiencies of both engines and drivers. Whether your DPF requires inspecting, testing, single or multi-stage thermal and pneumatic cleaning, repair or replacement, we offer many DPF solutions. Click here to learn more. Interested in finding out more about On Unit DPF Cleaning? Click here to watch our latest video on it.






Telematics and Remote Diagnostics

Our Service Department makes use of leading edge telematics and GPS technology to help our customers keep their fleets operating at peak efficiency.







Collision and Body Shop

Our services include Bodywork, Painting, Framework & Front-End Alignment, Rebuilding and Body Integrity Inspections.






Reefer Service and Repair

We provide service and repairs to all makes and models of reefer units including diagnosing and coordinating warranty repairs on major reefer brands.






Warranty Repairs

Our Service Shops are authorized to complete warranty diagnostics and repairs on heavy duty engines that include International, Cummins and Caterpillar.





Cab and Bunk Climate Solutions

We offer the supply and installation of a variety of the industry’s most trusted cab and bunk climate solution providers.






Welding and Fabrication

We employ ticketed welders to repair and fabricate metal components on heavy duty trucks and trailers.






machine shop services


Machine Shop Services

Our machine shop equipment and services offer custom machining, thread cutting and boring, gears and sprockets, keys and keyways as well as custom fabrication.






No Idle Solutions

With new emissions engines, excessive idling is detrimental so we provide our customers with no idle solutions that heat and circulate engine fluids when your vehicle is not operating.







Wet Kit Installation and Repair

Whether it be a single, double or triple gear power take-off with two-line, three-line integral or non-integrated hydraulics, we can assist with all types of truck or trailer mounted hydraulic systems.





Maxim Truck & Trailer takes simplicity and convenience to the highest levels in the industry by offering one supplier for truck and trailer sales, rental, leasing, parts, and service across our national network.

Our National Fleet Programs Include:

  • Convenient truck and trailer purchasing, leasing, renting, parts, and service from one company with multiple branches across the country
  • Consistent specifications for truck and trailer purchasing, parts programs, and maintenance programs to drive out costs
  • Easy administration with one single bill and reduced total transaction time for your equipment needs
  • Access to a team of experts by line of business, i.e. truck and trailer sales, renting and leasing, parts, and service all in one company
  • National pricing across all your markets and all Maxim divisions
  • National programs for Canadian fleets and U.S. based private carriers who operate in Canada


Outsource the administration of your parts inventory management function to Maxim parts professionals. Keep your own truck and trailer parts inventory on hand – without the hassle.

Our On-Site Parts Management Includes:

  • Insightful monthly reports of all parts used, inventory levels, reorder triggers, current costs, and comparative costs
  • No worry of slippage or lost parts. That becomes Maxim's responsibility
  • Reduced cost of carrying unused inventory
  • Full use of Maxim's computerized parts inventory
  • Cost savings through establishing and maintaining regimented buying protocols
  • Utilization of specialized and highly trained parts experts
  • Reduced costs for your overall parts program


Let Maxim Truck & Trailer handle all of the administration and human resource responsibilities of your service function. Your program, in your own facility, managed by dedicated Maxim technicians.

Our On-Site Service Management Includes:

  • All Service Technician recruiting
  • Management of Service Technician sick days, holidays, etc ensuring you always have Technicians to work on your equipment
  • Covering of Service Technician training and tooling so your Technicians are always prepared

Contact us for more information on Maxim Full Service Solutions.

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