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Need a Truck Lease or Trailer Lease?

With a heavy-duty truck or trailer lease from Maxim Truck & Trailer, you can focus on your core business while we take care of your transportation equipment. Our tailor-made lease options are customizable, cost predictable, and affordable. Talk to a leasing specialist today to learn about switching from owning to leasing.

Have questions about leasing? We've answered them here.

Trailer and Truck Leasing Locations Across Canada

1860 Brookside Blvd
Winnipeg MB R3C 2E6
Ph: (204) 790-6599
225 Middleton Ave
Brandon, MB R7C 1A8
Ph: (204) 725-4580
475 Henderson Dr
Regina, SK S4P 3C2
Ph: (306) 721-9700
3250 Idylwyld Dr. N
Saskatoon SK S7L 5Y7
Ph: (306) 657-5600
Highway #2 South
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5S2
Ph: (306) 922-1900
125 Conservation Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6T8
Ph: (807) 344-5834
6707 84th St. S.E.
Calgary AB T2C 4T6
Ph: (403) 571-1275
13240 170th St N.W.
Edmonton AB T5V 1M7
Ph: (780) 448-3830
11300 Colbert St
Ville D'Anjou, PQ H1J 2S4
Ph: (514) 354-9140
920 Derwent Way
Delta, BC V3M 5R2
Ph: (604) 540-2400

Top Five Reasons to Lease Instead of Purchase

  1. Lease payments can be a tax write-off. Currently, for your business, you can write off most, if not all, of your lease payments as a business expense, as opposed to only claiming the amortization on your owned asset.
  2. Leases do not require a down payment. When you lease, the only money required at time of signing is often first and last months’ payment. This leaves tens of thousands of dollars in your bank account, liquid, to put towards other important facets of your business. It also makes it easier to get an approval, if you do not have the money for a down payment.
  3. Service costs can be rolled into your lease. Unless your business is equipped to do every kind of service on your trucks and trailers, you’ll inevitably have to bring it in to a dealer at some point. Rather than incurring expensive service bills throughout the vehicle’s life, you can pay for service as you make your monthly payments, so you have one predictable cost to worry about.
  4. As your needs change, so can your leases. When you purchase a truck, you are signing on to an ownership commitment. Depending on your usage and replacement time frame, you’ll likely have to trade in that truck eventually. Instead of going through the hassle of selling privately, or using the value of the truck as a trade-in, a lease allows you to drop off the keys commitment- free and sign up for a new truck.
  5. Leases let you get more truck for your buck. During a lease, your payments are smaller than an equivalent-length financing contract would be. Because of this, you can afford to get a truck with more features and upgrades. And, since at the end of the lease you return the truck, you will be able to upgrade more frequently.

Types of Leases

Full Service Lease

The most popular type of lease is a Full Service Lease – it pulls all six components of truck operations together:

  • Purchase price
  • Financing
  • Used truck disposal
  • Maintenance services
  • Peripheral services (rentals, fuel program, etc.)
  • Administration (truck licensing, regulatory compliance, etc.)

A Maxim Full Service Lease includes:

  • Tires
  • Priority Service
  • No vehicle disposal concerns
  • Dedicated Maintenance
  • Mobile Service (at designated locations)
  • Provincial and federal inspections
  • Vehicle licensing and legalization
  • Replacement substitute vehicles
  • Discounted rentals if needed
  • Safety and compliance training and consultation
  • Telematics solutions including GPS tracking and reporting as well as Driver Electronic Log capability
  • Fuel tax reporting
  • Fuel purchasing program
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Skilled Maxim service technicians

Full Service Equity Lease

If you need to own your own trucks for tax reasons or truck application, our Full Service Equity Lease is a great option. You retain vehicle ownership. Plus you get fixed and guaranteed monthly maintenance costs on all predictable maintenance parts and labor, comprehensive preventive maintenance support, and priority service.

Ownership Transition

Unlock the equity tied up in your truck fleet and put cash back in your business. If you own your own vehicles and want to improve your balance sheet and vehicle uptime, consider an Ownership Transition program. It can help you release the cash that is sitting in your truck fleet and improve your service to your customers.

Short & Long Term Rental

Late-model sleepers, day cabs, straight trucks, box trucks, refrigerated vehicles and more—available for rent by the day, week or months at a time.

Dedicated Maintenance

Customized dedicated truck maintenance, priority service and a fixed monthly cost for scheduled preventive and unscheduled maintenance. The comprehensive and proactive Maxim Dedicated Maintenance program maximizes component life cycles, controls operating costs, and provides the highest level of reliability and vehicle uptime.

Our Customers

Haven't heard of Maxim? We're an Idealease affiliate. You've probably seen many of our leased trucks with our customers' decals.

Our current lease customers include small one-truck operations to large fleets. Our customers operate in industries that include Transportation, Food & Beverage, Moving and Storage, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Non-Profits. Our current customers include Dufrense Furniture, Ashley Furniture, Martin Brower-distributor for McDonalds Restaurants, Gordon Food Service, Brock White, Day & Ross Transportation and TEAMS Transport to name a few.

leasing customer of maxim truck and trailer

 maxim leasing customer dufresne  maxim leasing customer ashley furniture  maxim leasing customer brock white construction

Lease Vs. Own

Do you really want to be in the transportation business?

Commercial truck ownership is getting more challenging and costly to manage every day. A typical private fleet in ownership has 20% to 30% more vehicles than needed. For most well-run businesses, truck leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative because your cash flow improves, your truck uptime improves, and your transportation costs are more consistent.

Ownership fleets have 20% to 30% more vehicles than needed.

Idealease Full Service Leasing Capabilities


Learn more about Full Service Leasing

There are many questions you need answered when it comes to leasing a semi-truck or trailer. Pricing, contract limits, branding and so forth. Many questions can be answered by viewing the brochure below. All other questions can be answered by filling out a contact form where a Maxim representative will get to you as soon as possible.

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The Maxim Advantage

Maxim equipment leases are full of value added benefits that make leasing from us your best choice.
Maxim's company-owned national locations offer 24/7/365 personalized service
We lease highway tractors, daycabs, reefer trucks, AND a wide variety of semi trailers - making us a one stop shop
Maxim offers many different leasing options - and there's one that's perfect for your business
Full service leasing streamlines all of your transportation needs through a single supplier
Maxim has a national fleet of substitute and rental trucks and trailers to maximize your uptime
We have over 250 mechanics operating in 130 truck bays and 50 trailer bays in multiple shifts, which gives us more capacity than any other Canadian-owned lease provider
Maxim manages a national lease fleet and a national rental fleet of units across Canada - so we have the experience and scale to handle small and large fleet customers
We are the largest Canadian-owned leasing company for heavy duty trucks, straight trucks, and trailers, with more locations across Canada - making us a great partner for national accounts
Maxim's Mobile Maintenance service allows you to maintain equipment at your yard - a huge time and money saver

Lease Fleet Management

Central Fleet Maintenance
Maxim manages our Lease fleet with an in-house team we call the Central Fleet Maintenance group. This team of experts are the quarterbacks to maintaining and keeping your lease equipment on the road working for you. Anywhere in Canada, anytime of day, they are available by calling our CFM Hotline.

Our lease units come equipped with GPS to monitor key vehicle real-time metrics such as location, speed, heading and idle time. And our vehicle OnCommand capabilities allow us to remotely diagnose truck fault codes and determine the best course of action for your drivers. Our telematics also has the capability of capturing Driver Electronic Logs which will be government mandated in 2020.

Substitute & Rental Vehicles
With Rental vehicles from Maxim, you can handle a short-term peak in your business or rent extra trucks when your vehicles are in the shop. We provide flexible daily, weekly or monthly rental programs tailored to fit your needs.

Mobile Service
Highly skilled technicians and well-equipped maintenance vehicles bring service and parts to your location during off-hours (where available).

Safety & Compliance
The benefits of having a safer fleet can go beyond accident avoidance. Safety plays a prevalent place in the transportation industry. Maxim helps to ensure you meet Federal and Provincial regulations and stay compliant. Staying on-side can affect your company’s access to insurance and the rates you pay.



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