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Introducing the Great Dane Tandem Axle Deck Trailer

Introducing the Great Dane tandem axle combo platform deck trailer, one of the highest-rated heavy-duty flatbed trailers in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • It comes in at 53 feet long and 102 inches wide
  • It’s built with an optional sliding rear and fixed front air suspension from Hendrickson, ranging from 61-121 inch axle centers
  • It comes with an optional 24x24x48 aluminum double door toolbox with a CamLock Style Closure, a perfect place to carry the rigging that you need.
  • It’s set up with optional 30-foot Extreme Orange Nylon Straps with flat hooks on sliding winches, keeping your cargo safe and secure while exceeding cargo securement regulations.
  • The LED lighting and wiring harnesses are 100% Grote, including MicroNova Dot Lamps and Dual Intensity ID Lamps as standard equipment.
  • The versatile Floor Design has 1.25" aluminum floor with 2 apitong nailing strips and a Safety-Grip surface for positive traction.
  • With aluminum Crossmembers, flooring and side-rails these trailers have a light TARE weight so you can haul more and heavier cargo.
  • For concentrated coil hauling, these trailers have two coil packages to accommodate the closed and open tandem suspension.
  • The steel front end with 5x stake pockets is reinforced for D.O.T. rated bulkheads. Partially recessed marker lights and air and electrical connections are protected within the perimeter of front stake pockets.
  • For increased cargo securement flexibility this trailer is optionally equipped with 8 pairs of removable chain tie down plates that hook into the side edges of the deck’s full length. These chain tie down plates are stored in lockable custom boxes on either side of the trailer.
  • This trailer is equipped with the optional Hendrickson HXL5 wheel end package which carries a 5-year warranty.
  • Bridgestone tires are standard with this Great Dane trailer and optional R196A tires are available for low rolling resistance and excellent life in high scrub applications.