Popular Sleeper Truck Add-Ons, Amenities and Utilities

When you operate a sleeper truck, you know you’ll be spending a lot of your time in there. So, it’s crucial that you make your time in your sleeper smooth and enjoyable.

One way to make your sleeper truck comfortable and homey is to outfit it with custom amenities and add-ons. But which ones are really worth getting? Which ones do customer usually end up getting? Here is a smaller list of popular sleeper truck add-ons and amenities.

Battery Powered APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)

A battery powered APU is an absolute necessity for anyone who purchases a sleeper truck. It’s essentially a battery-based power system that can operate your vehicle’s systems without the need to have the engine running. This will allow you to operate your sleeper truck’s heating and cooling without needing to run your engine, keeping your cab comfortable all year round. 

1,800-watt power inverter

Similar to how your house functions, adding an 1,800-watt power inverter allows your sleeper truck to run everything from microwaves and fridges to important medical devices such as a CPAP machine. If you’re looking to use any additional electronics in your sleeper truck, a power inverter is a must.

Bunk Heater

Keeping your cab’s climate controlled to your desired temperature makes all the difference during your long day trips and much needed sleeps at night. Because of this, getting a powerful heater is an absolute necessity. We recommend setting yourself up with either a Webasto Airtop 2000 or Espar Airtronic D2 bunk heater.

Diamond Trim

When driving an International LT or International HX, Diamond trim upgrades elevate your cab’s interior and makes it look stunning. Diamond trim upgrades include wood grain accents and bright door handles, providing a more upscale interior. An optional Black Cherry accent package can be added to the Diamond trim, providing Black Cherry accents and padded door topper, for driver comfort.

Extra Cabinets

Before you head out on the road, it’s important to make sure you have enough room to easily store everything you’re bringing on your journey. Getting extra cabinets installed in your sleeper truck solves this problem.

Bunk beds

In specific types of sleeper cab configurations, like in the International LT’s 73” Hi-Rise sleeper cab, you have enough room to fit in an additional bed. This is key for drivers who bring family members, friends or co-workers along with them during their travels.


Sometimes finding a bathroom when you need it is difficult – so why not bring the bathroom with you? That’s why you can install a portable toilet inside your semi truck from leading dealerships like International.

New Mattress

Sometimes the factory-provided mattress does the trick - but sometimes it doesn't. But guess what? That standard-issued mattress isn't the only one most dealers and OEMs provide. Make sure to contact your sales rep about other options, because shelling out a few extra bucks for a premium mattress is 100% worth it in the long run.


You can only handle so much fast food and truck stop grub before your wallet starts to hurt. So why not buy some cheap microwavable meals or pre-cook some food to heat up on the road?

The key to buying a microwave for your sleeper truck is size. Danby and Whirlpool are popular microwave providers for sleeper trucks because they're known to design compact and more square-shaped microwaves that can easily be stored in your sleeper compartments.


Being able to store fresh food on the go is huge. But like with microwaves, finding a compatible and size-appropriate mini-fridge is what makes and breaks this accessory. 
It needs to be small and compact so it finds in one of your sleeper compartments and also needs a 12V power source so it's compatible with most sleeper plug-ins. Frigidaire is a great provider when it comes to this.

Coffee Maker

This is another quality-of-life addition to your truck. Now dealing with throwing out filters would be quite a nightmare, which is why we recommend going with a cheap 12V Keurig coffee maker since disposing of coffee pods is much less of a hassle. 

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

With all the free music available today, there's no need to rely on traditional radio to get your fix of driving tunes. Simply sign up for a free Spotify account, but some cheaper speakers that run on battery power or use a 12V power source and you can take control of what you want to listen to. 

Trucker GPS

Getting where you need to go on time is crucial in the trucking industry. So why even risk getting lost or off track? There are dozens of GPS brands that design ones specifically tailored to the trucking industry.

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