international lt for sale in canada



The International® LT™ Series was designed to improve aerodynamic flow in and around the vehicle and optimize fuel efficiency.

  • New longer 125” BBC better directs airflow around the cab.

  • 21” cab extenders reduce trailer gap and wind drag.

  • All-new fender shape and chassis skirts streamline aerodynamics.

  • An aero-enhanced 3-piece bumper and front wheel openings minimize resistance.

  • Pedestal mirrors reduce drag and wind noise.

  • The hood top and shoulder are redesigned to enhance air flow.

  • The new cooling module is sealed to smooth airflow under the hood.

The LT Series Premium Gauge Cluster positions gauges and key alerts where drivers can easily view without distraction, providing optimal viewing in all light conditions to maximize alertness and minimize eye fatigue. Real-time and average fuel consumption can be used to determine how driving style impacts fuel economy performance. Tons of information is available right in the gauge cluster, to give you all the details you need about your truck's performance front to back in real time. 

Available with either a Navistar N13 or Cummins X15 engine, the LT Series is designed to be lightweight and efficient, while still providing you the power you need to get the job done right.