top 10 reasons to join the maxim team
01 Strong Leadership
Maxim is led by a seasoned team of professionals who have extensive experience both inside and outside the Maxim organization. Meet the members of our Executive Team.

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02 Career Growth
If you’re looking to grow in your career, Maxim has opportunities for you to grow in your journey. For those looking to learn and take on new responsibilities or new roles, we have opportunities. Many of our staff including our senior leaders have moved up within our organization. And we also have employees who have moved cities with Maxim to work at another branch in our network. All moves of this kind are voluntary to fit with our employees life situation. At Maxim, we invest heavily in training that puts employees on the path to meaningful certifications that help with their career development.

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03 Meaningful Work
The work we do at Maxim is deemed an essential service. Keeping transportation equipment on the road and moving freight like food, household goods and building supplies is a key driver of the communities we live and operate in. Our operation is a one-stop-shop for our customers as we provide truck and trailer Sales, Service, Rentals, Leasing, Parts, Body Shop and Finance & Insurance. And the industries we work with include Transportation, Food Services, Construction, Government, Utilities, Agriculture, School Division, First Nations and more.


04 Appreciation & Recognition
At Maxim, we continually ensure our salaries and benefits are competitive. We offer health, dental, vision and matching RRSPs for employees. Our Technician staff also have access to tool allowances. Twice each year, every employee in our company gets feedback via performance reviews against clearly defined goals. It’s our view that each team member should have SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) and be given regular feedback and recognition. Our Outstanding Service Awards reward employees who go above and beyond and we offer generous referral fees for employees who recruit others to Maxim.


05 Work-Life Balance
Trickling down from the top of the organization, Maxim understands and appreciates the need for a good work-life balance for all employees. Our organization believes family time, recreation and recharging your batteries away from work are important for everyone.


06 Empowerment
Maxim is a company that strives for continuous improvement. We aim to be better today than we were yesterday. This belief that there is always room for improvement gives employees the ability and encouragement to provide constructive feedback and ideas on how we can increase sales or increase efficiencies in our operations. And Maxim is nimble enough to implement changes with a solid business case quickly.


07 Transparency
We believe in keeping staff informed about our business so at least twice a year we have our President and all Department Heads provide updates to employees via our online newsletter that gets emailed to each employee. We believe it’s important to give all team members a sense of how we are doing as a company including new initiatives and the introduction of new team members. As a company with 17 branch offices, open and transparent communication among all employees helps our company act as a team for the benefit of our customers.


08 Strong Track Record
Maxim is among the top heavy-duty truck and trailer dealerships in North America. We are a private, progressive company with over 40 years of history and a strong track record of growth. As a dealer, Maxim sells and services equipment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our largest OEMs are International Trucks and Great Dane Trailers – both of whom have over 100 years of history manufacturing equipment in the United States. Our manufacturers have hundreds of dealers located across the United States and Canada.

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09 Community Involvement
Many people know Maxim Truck & Trailer through the company’s many community and charitable activities. In fact, the company has a mandate to return a portion of profits each year to the communities we do business in. Each year the company holds a summer charity BBQ and a winter Pancake breakfast to raise money for charities that include Food Banks, Christmas Cheer Boards and CancerCare. Employees are instrumental in helping raise funds.

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10 Fun
Maxim was founded on the three F’s – Firm, Fair and Fun. The fun part is important because we spent approximately a third of our time at work and life’s too short not to have fun at work. Humor, sharing meals, helping others are part of what makes work fun at Maxim. Check out some of the lightning round videos we create with employees as part of our employee newsletter to help Maxim employees get to know their colleagues. And our company social committee plans events like ball hockey tournaments where company divisions duke it out on the asphalt.

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We are always looking for team members who can help us be better today than we were yesterday.

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10 years
Average Maxim Employee Tenure is Over 10 Years
Maxim has 500 employees across 17 branch offices. The average tenure of our employees is over 10 years with the company. This demonstrates the quality of employment that Maxim provides its employees as we strive to be an employer of choice. Hear what our employees say about us. 

We believe in giving back to the communities we do business in.


photo of maxim's president handing a cheque to someone

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