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Maxim Gives Free Meals to Truck Drivers During Covid-19

Maxim Gives Free Meals to Truck Drivers During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, truck stops across Canada have been closing. This has left truck drivers without places eat, rest, and even use the bathroom. 

Because of this growing problem, Maxim and International teamed up to give out free meals to truck drivers heading down the Trans-Canada highway from April 7th to the 9th. Maxim set up shop at the Brandon location (225 Middleton Ave), and handed out free 12 inch subs, cookies, and drinks to truckers who stopped by.

"We just thought it was a great opportunity to give back to the truckers," said Darin Bouchard, the General Manager at Maxim Truck and Trailer's Brandon location. "It's kind of, at times, a thankless job and people don't realize how many of these guys are on the road every single day. During a pandemic, they're here everyday."

Maxim ended up handing out hundreds of free meals to truckers, and all leftover was donated to Brandon shelters to help feed the less fortunate. 

We just wanted to give one more thank you to everyone who shared and supported this initiative. But most of all, we wanted to thank the truckers one last time. You work is invaluable during these times. Thank you for everything you do.

Here is a video Maxim made on the subject

Here is a full photo gallery of the event