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As a dealer, Maxim sells and services equipment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our largest OEMs are International Trucks and Great Dane Trailers – both of whom have over 100 years of history manufacturing equipment in the United States. Our manufacturers have hundreds of dealers located across the United States and Canada.

With over 40 years of history, Maxim Truck & Trailer has grown to be recognized in the elite group of top dealerships. In fact, Maxim Truck & Trailer has received numerous awards from both International Trucks and Great Dane Trailers.


IC Bus Diamond Dealer Award
Great Dane King Pin Award
International Truck Presidental Award


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What Our Manufacturers Say About Us 

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Mark Belisle, Group Vice President of Dealer Sales and Operations at Navistar.

"Maxim is clearly committed to growing their business and being recognized by customers as the dealership of choice in their markets. I congratulate everyone at Maxim Truck & Trailer for their commitment to outstanding customer service, operational excellence and representation of the International Truck and IC Bus brands."

Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond, Sr Vice President of Great Dane Trailers

"We have had a 30-year relationship with Maxim and we can tell that they are an extremely well-run organization with exceptional leadership."