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Maxim Truck & Trailer is a Prestige Certified Dealer

Maxim Truck & Trailer is a Prestige Certified Dealer

International Truck’s Prestige Standards Program is a certification that’s designed to award dealerships who provide an elevated level of customer experience. Only the best of the best International dealerships are Prestige Certified and we’re happy to announce Maxim is one of them.

While a dealership can be Prestige Certified for one year, we must requalify every year to ensure the rigorous Prestige Certifications are maintained. Since the program began in 2020, Maxim is proud to have earned Prestige Certification each year.

Prestige Standards Categories

To be a Prestige Standards Certified dealer, the dealership must meet the rigorous standards set forth by International Trucks in eight different categories that include:

  • Facilities
  • Service
  • New truck sales
  • Used truck sales
  • IC Bus
  • Marketing
  • Parts
  • Idealease

Are you ready to grow your business with a Prestige Certified dealership? Contact us today to experience our exceptional customer service.