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10 Fun Go Back

Check out some of the lightning round videos we create with employees as part of our employee newsletter to help Maxim employees get to know their colleagues. And our company social committee plans events like ball hockey tournaments where company divisions duke it out on the asphalt.

Employee Newsletter

Twice a year, we email out an online employee newsletter to update employees on each department’s progress and to highlight new initiatives and new team members. We also try to have a little fun by highlighting employees from around the company with our “lightning round” of questions to get to know them better. Here are two samples:

Departmental Competition

Hosting Events

ball hockey

With Pallets for boards, the different divisions at Maxim’s Head Office Location faced off in a ball hockey tournament. The Service Department currently holds the championship trophy.

Maxim events like charity pancake breakfasts and BBQs have a party atmosphere and our staff contribute to the fun.