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Day Cabs for Sale in Ontario

Day cab trucks are a versatile and efficient solution for businesses looking for a reliable and powerful truck that can tackle any task without compromising on agility and maneuverability. With their compact design and exceptional handling, these trucks are perfect for urban and short-haul operations where time is of the essence.

Our selection of day cab trucks offers a range of features and options to fit your specific needs. Whether you require a heavy-duty workhorse or a more agile and nimble vehicle, we have the perfect truck for you.

Below are all the in-stock new and used day cabs available in Thunder Bay and anywhere else in Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions About Day Cab Trucks

How Much Do Day Cabs Cost?

A brand new day cab typically costs anywhere from $150,000 to $175,000 depending on the features you add to it. However, used day cab trucks can go as low as $10,000 depending on their age and mileage.

Are There Day Cabs Available Under $18,000?

It's not common but it is possible. If you get a day cab at that price or lower, it's usually a used model with a lot of mileage on it, so I wouldn't expect it to last for decades. All available day cabs will be listed below.

Are There Day Cabs for Sale Near Me?

Absolutely. Listed below are all the available day cabs for sale in Ontario.

Do You Have Single Axle Day Cabs for Sale?

Yes. We sell single-axle and tandem axle day cabs and typically have some in-stock. Any other types of day cabs can be ordered if required.

Do You Have Automatic Day Cabs for Sale?

Yes. We do sell day cabs with automatic transmissions. All our in-stock day cabs are below. If an automatic one isn't available, contract us using the information below and we can order one for you.

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