Heavy-Duty Equipment Brands

Whether you're looking for powerful heavy-trucks or strong and durable heavy-duty trailers - Maxim Truck & Trailers some of the best semi truck and trailer brands available to buy, lease or rent. International, IC Bus, Arne's, Great Dane, Timpte, Deloupe, East, Trout River, and Idealease are among these tops brands with even more available in our used truck and trailer inventory. Check them out below and see all our available trucks and trailers.

International trucks logo

International Trucks

International sells some of the best available trucks, including the International CV, LT, RH, HX, MV, HV and more. Whether you need strong and durable straight trucks, day cabs, sleepers or severe service trucks - International has got you covered.
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IC Bus logo

IC Bus

Affiliated with Navistar, IC Bus is one of the most popular school bus manufactures in the US and Canada. With their powerful gas and diesel engines and their new line of electric buses - IC Bus can cover any requirements your school distract has.
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The top dog when it comes to leasing semi trucks and trailers - through Idealease we offer tons of different units. Straight trucks, reefer trailers, day cabs and more are all available to leased through Maxim Truck & Trailer.
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Arnes Logo


When it comes to side dumps, end dumps, belly dumps and cross gate hoppers - no one does it better than Arne's trailers. Based out of Winnipeg, they make some of the strongest and most verstatile semi trailers available today.
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Great Dane Logo

Great Dane

From flat decks and step decks to dry vans, heater vans and top-of-the-line reefer trailers - Great Dane is the name in trailer industry most truck drivers associate with quality and long-lasting durability.
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Timpte Logo


There is one name synonymous with high-quality grain trailers - and that's Timpte. If you're looking for heavy-duty grain hoppers and easy-to-use Super B grain trailers - Timpte is the brand you're looking for.
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Flat deck trailers, refuse trailers, dump trailers and more - that's what East provides. Make sure to order your trailers with Maxim before the work season begins to make sure you get them as soon as possible.
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Trout River

Live bottom and hycube trailers are what Trout River provides - and they make them the strongest in the industry. Make sure to order your trailers soon to make sure you have them when you need them.
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Deloupe Logo


Tilt deck, logging trailers, elliptical end dumps, eastern spif loggers, walking floor trailers, crushed cars and more - Deloupe is one of the most innovative and highest-quality trailer manufacturers in the industry.
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