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Introducing International Fire Trucks (MV and HV)

Fire fighters who risk their lives to save the lives and properties of others deserve a reliable fire truck. Let’s look at two examples of Emergency Vehicles that are built for rural and urban settings – the international MV607 with an Acres Emergency vehicle series Vortex series pumper model with a side control panel and the international HV 507 with an Acres RANGE series Urban interface model

 International MV607 Chassis with Acres Emergency Vehicles VORTEX series Pumper Model with a Side Control Panel

  • Fundamental for any rural Firehall
  • Paramount manufacturing assembly
  • Powerful water combat abilities
  • A side control pump module allows quick, easy, convenient access from the ground on the drivers’ side.

Truck Chassis features include:

  • NEW International MV607 4x2 Chassis
  • It comes with a New one-piece steel door frame and panels improve cab durability, structure and sealing
  • Its All-new interior offers best-in-class room and a driver-centric design. The Driver controls can easily be operated while wearing gloves, It’s Column-mounted shifter integrated with engine braking helps keep hands on the wheel, and like with all Internationals, it’s Industry-leading Diamond Logic® electrical system. All these features help keep drivers safe and secure during operation.
  • Engine options include the Cummins® L9 like this unit has or an optional Cummins® B6.7 engine.
  • This truck comes equipped with the Allison 3000 Series EVS Automatic transmission, 6-speed with overdrive and PTO provision - but other Allison and Eaton Transmission options are also available
  • The Wheelbase on this unit is 201” but the chassis wheelbase options range from 128” – 311”
  • The GVW Rating is 35,000 lbs for this 4x2 model that can go up to 54,600 lbs for the 6x4 models

Acres Industries Fire Body Features include:

  • Waterous CSPA-1250 PTO fire pump with Waterous 3.0 foam system
  • Whelen LED emergency lighting
  • An aluminum console with textured coating comes standard between cab seats, electrical power distribution system located neatly arranged for easy access
  • Extruded aluminum rub-rails are standard bolted to the bottom of the body for protection. Reflective safety tape bonded to the inner surface for added visibility.
  • A hinge-down stairway provides for safe access to the upper hose-bed, comes with a non-stowed indicator lamp in the cab.


International HV 507 4x4 Chassis with Acres RANGE series Urban Interface Model (SCE) 

  • Versatileemergency vehicle
  • Designed for city limits
  • Ideal for urban and rural areas
  • The Acres Range series urban interface is the answer to your fire department’s need for urban and wildlands fire suppression.

The Truck Chassis features include:

  • The NEW International HV 507 4x4 Chassis
  • It’s made with a Heavy-duty, double-sided galvanized steel cab for long-term durability
  • New door, side glass and mirror designs improve lateral visibility and workplace safety
  • All-new dash designed for the driver with more space for additional rocker switches
  • Best-in-class Diamond Logic® electrical system for all applications
  • Engine options include the Cummins® L9 with up to 450 hp like this unit has - or an optional Cummins® B6.7 with up to 360 hp
  • This truck comes equipped with the Allison 3000 Series EVS Automatic transmission but other Allison and Eaton Transmission options are available as well.
  • The Wheelbase on this unit is 217” but the chassis wheelbase options range from 144” – 311”
  • The GVW Rating is 40,000 lbs for this 4x4 model – GVW can go up to 68,000 lbs for the 6x4 models 

Acres Emergency Vehicles Fire Body Features include:

  • Proprietary heavy-wall extruded aluminum profiles are the backbone of all Acres Fire Bodies. They provide for an enhanced visual look while offering one of the most durable body assemblies in the industry.
  • RC monitor with cab joystick and electric valve allow for pump & roll fire suppression operations.
  • Aluminum heat-retention pan with two removable bottom panels. Great care is taken when designing the vertical panel assembly’s for proper fit to minimize heat loss.
  • Removable stainless steel wheel-well panels for lifetime resistance to corrosion
  • The front bumper extension includes a mount for RC monitor and two speed-lay hose lays. Both hose lays have the capacity for 200′ x 1.5″ hose and nozzle.
  • Heavy-duty tow eyes are standard equipment. They are attached directly to chassis frame rails so that no forces are imposed on body modules when pulling.
  • Amdor roll-up doors with full-height led strip lighting in each door frame. Door ajar circuit included. 

These are just two examples of Fire Trucks that work hard to keep our communities safe. For more information, visit Acres Emergency Vehicles