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Introducing the International HV Tandem Steer Cement Truck

Welcome to the International HV tandem steer cement mixer truck, one of the top available mixer trucks on the market. What makes it so superior to other cement mixer trucks?

Let’s take a look at some of its key features, starting with the cab:

  • The biggest advantage of the HV tandem steer is the increased front axle capacity. The Simard front tandem spring suspension can withstand up to 40,000 lbs and the Meritor wide track axle can withstand up to 20,000 lbs.
  • It comes with a double-sided galvanized steel cab for long-term durability
  • It has a GVW rating of 70,000 lbs.
  • Its all-new HVAC system is designed for reliability, and it now includes a high-performance MAX defrost system suited to our Canadian winters
  • It comes with air disc brakes with ABS and optional traction control and has wheelbase options ranging from 250-311” – this model here has a 297” wheelbase

Under the Hood:

  • Our HV mixer trucks are built with the Cummins L9 engine or the reliable and powerful International A26, like this one here, which can produce up to 430 HP, 1700 RPM, and 1550 lbs. per foot of torque.
  • It’s built with an 11-speed manual Eaton Fuller Ultrashift Transmission.
  • This unit comes with a Jacobs Engine Brake with a convenient on/off switch.


  • Our HV mixer trucks feature the industry-leading Diamond Logic® electrical system which comes with over 200 pre-programmed tasks and safety interlocks to keep the equipment and operators safe.
  • The spacious DriverFirst interior provides a roomy cab with easily visible and accessible switches and gauges.


  • This particular HV is outfitted with a London Action series 85 Transit concrete mixer with an 8.5 cubic meter or 11.5-yard mixer capacity
  • Its front pedestal is set up with an integrated 15-gallon, easy clean hydraulic reservoir and an enclosed rear pedestal constructed out of ¼” Cor Ten A corrosion-resistant steel
  • Remote grease lines are located at ground level to grease the drum roller with little-to-no hassle
  • It has a Model ZF P7300 planetary direct drive that has an output of a whopping 53,100 per foot of torque
  • This cement mixer is set up with an Eaton HD 5.4 cu variable displacement pump with a 5,500 PSI relief valve which helps lead to smooth cement dispensing
  • Its water system contains a steel side-mounted water tank with a 150-gallon capacity and a 25-foot wash down hose with a pistol grip spray nozzle
  • Its paving-type main chute comes with safety grab handles and three 48” extension chutes that are frame-mounted
  • Its drum rollers are CM 1035 alloy steel and surface hardened to Rockwell C46
  • It comes with wireless radio controls for the chute lock, chute lift, hopper lift, pause/resume feature, and throttle control