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Introducing the New International MV

The MV is International’s premier medium-duty truck - but things can always be better. Reimagined from the group up, the new International MV series was created based directly on feedback from many truck drivers across several industries.

So let’s look at some of the key changes that were implemented:

  • The new MV has redesigned the sloped hook and halogen headlights to increased forward visibility and help drivers stay focused on the road ahead
  • With InterCoat ChemGuard-coated floor panels and an optional Line-X coated interior floor, the new MV is packed with enhanced corrosion protection to defend against even the most corrosive environments
  • The unique chassis optimizations and clean CA configuration make for much simpler TEM integration, allowing TEMs to mount their equipment faster with a higher build quality and at lower costs.
  • The defrosters and air conditioning now perform the best in class. The redesigned vents improve airflow throughout the cabin and circulate more heat in cold weather. Drivers may also close side vents fully, avoiding cold hands when the system is on.
  • The in-cab controls and displays were repositioned to be more intuitive and easy-to-reach and even the air-born was relocated based on driver feedback. And the cab overall is now constructed to provide more room for drivers and passengers.
  • The new MV also comes in day cab, extended cab and 4-door travel crew cab configurations.

On top of all the new changes:

  • The MV cab is constructed from high-strength, HSLA reinforced cold-rolled steel combined with the corrosion resistance and lightweight of aluminum to make the one of the most durable cabs on the market.
  • Its Huck® Bolt chassis fasteners provide consistently superior clamping force without re-torquing, and won’t come loose even in extreme environments
  • It has a front axle capacity of 12,000 lbs and a rear axle capacity of 21,000 lbs.
  • It has GVW Rating of up to 54,000 lbs
  • Key fluid reservoirs are translucent for quick inspection and many of the caps are tethered, saving time and frustration from dropped or lost caps and routine service points are clearly labelled and easily accessed under the hood
  • The optional Bendix Wingman Advanced and Bendix Wingman Fusion collision mitigation systems can greatly enhance operator safety. By integrating adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, over-speed alert and stationary vehicle braking, these cutting-edge systems can help the driver potentially avoid a collision or help reduce its severity.
  • When connected to the vehicle’s Control Area Network (CAN), the optional Bendix BlindSpotter® provides a 150° range of coverage capable of detecting objects up to 20 feet in front of and 20 feet behind the BlindSpotter radar. The coverage zone extends up to 10 feet to the right of the vehicle. BlindSpotter minimizes false alerts by operating in two modes: highway speeds and lower speeds.
  • It comes with hydraulic brakes and Bridgestone tires and has LED lighting throughout

Under the Hood:

  • This unit is powered with either a Cummins B6.7 or Cummins L9 engine, which can produce up to 360 HP. However, it can also be outfitted with an electric motor, which has a peak motor torque of up to 1,700 ft-lbs
  • The Transmission is an Allison automatic with DynActive™ an optional Fuelsense 2.0. The shifting features a patented torque converter that provides infinitely variable shift points based on the vehicle configuration and operating conditions and FuelSense 2.0 can improve fuel economy up to 6% compared to previous generation FuelSense packages.


  • Inside the MV™ Series is a command center designed around the driver. Comfort. Visibility. Safety. Room for a third front passenger without knocking their knees. Plus, the stalk shifter allows for shifting and application of the Jacobs brake without taking your eyes off the road ahead.
  • There's a powerful HVAC system to keep you cool while on the job.
  • The steering wheel adds more functions at the driver’s fingertips with integrated back-lit, laser-etched labelling for improved durability and visibility. Plus, all the controls within the cab are designed to be operated easily while wearing gloves.
  • A standard flat instrument panel includes a center-mounted vent to keep the middle passenger comfortable while providing space for extra legroom, optional storage components, or a large floor-mounted body control module.
  • The In-cab electrical panel is protected from the elements and conveniently located under a spill-resistant dash panel, making handling electrical issues simpler and most tolerable during the winter months.