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Introducing the International 5-Ton Dry Van Truck

Welcome to the International MV 5-Ton Dry Van Truck, one of the most popular Medium-duty trucks in the industry, available in single axle or tandem axle configurations.

Take a look at some of its key features:

  • Its cab is built with HSLA reinforced, cold-rolled steel for maximum durability, and on top of that, it’s new one-piece steel door frame and panels improve upon the MVs already incredible durability, structure and sealing.
  • It has a GVW rating of 21,500 to 54,600 lbs.
  • Its all-new HVAC system is designed for reliability and it now includes a high-performance MAX defrost system built to easily handle our harsh Canadian winters
  • It comes with hydraulic brakes and has a front axle capacity of 12,000 lbs and rear axle capacity of 21,000 lbs.
  • It’s built with a new door, side glass and mirror design to further improve on lateral visibility and workplace safety, and has wheelbase options ranging from 128-31" 

Under the Hood:

  • Our International MVs are built with the Cummins L9 engine or the Cummins B6.7 engine, like this one here, which can produce up to 325 HP.
  • It’s built with a reliable Allison auto 6-speed transmission and has more than enough torque to haul whatever you need. 


  • International MV Dry Vans feature the industry-leading Diamond Logic® electrical system, coming with over 200 pre-programmed tasks and safety interlocks to keep drivers and equipment safe and sound.
  • All International MVs can be built with regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab configurations and are made with DriverFirst interior, making any MV you drive as comfortable and safe for the driver as possible.


  • This MV is fitted with a Grainmaster Aluminum Freight Body. It’s 102” wide, 96” tall, and 26 feet long.
  • It comes with a curb-side door and a galvanized tailgate, which is great for avoiding rusted out tailgate assemblies later on in the truck’s life.
  • It has a 14’ aluminum walk ramp that easily pulls in and out and locks in place, and the rear roll-up door is made with a stainless-steel rear frame, stainless steel rivets and vinyl side seals
  • It’s made with a laminate hardwood floor, plywood front and sidewalls, and a 1-piece aluminum roof sealed and stretched over anti-snag bows.
  • There are two rows of eTracking on the inside walls of the van body to secure cargo.
  • It also comes with Grote Micro-Dot LED Clearance Lights and an automatic pre-trip lights inspection feature, making all your pre-trip inspection faster and more efficient.

These are just some of the key features that make an International 5-Ton Dry Van Truck one of the best in the business. Click here for the full International MV Brochure