Technician Benefits at Maxim Truck & Trailer


At Maxim Truck & Trailer, approximately 50% of our employees are involved in the business of vehicle repair and maintenance. Many of these employees are technicians that will choose to stay in this professional trade for their entire career.

A 'technician' is the new term for what used to be known as a 'mechanic.' Historically, mechanics performed physical labour on vehicles, but things have drastically changed. Technicians work with sophisticated technology to perform diagnostics on truck repairs. The skills required to use state-of the art shop tools and equipment has shifted focus from physical labour to detail oriented and technical work. Our technicians continually take training to upgrade their skills in this challenging environment.

Maxim is proud to offer a range of competitive benefits to all our employees. In addition to the benefits afforded to all Maxim employees, we offer specific benefits to our valued technicians, including:

  • Well Equipped Shops
  • Quality International Truck and Great Dane Dealership Products
  • Manufacturers Training
  • Dynamic Work
  • Professional Management
  • Tool Insurance
  • Boot / Tool Allowance
  • Apprenticeship Training and Tuition Assistance
  • Wage subsidy ("top-up") program
  • Stable business; lots of work always!
  • Ongoing training


While we respect the abilities of all technicians, regardless of level of training, we actively encourage apprenticeship training for our more junior technicians.

Apprenticeship training leads to certification as a journeyperson. This training involves short periods away from work and the cost is covered in full by Maxim. In addition to already competitive pay rates and overtime wages for technicians, Maxim also increases the pay of an apprentice once they reach a new level of training.

A career as a technician can be a challenging yet rewarding career, and can even lead to supervision, management, customer service, sales, or administration.

As an accredited tradesperson in Canada, you can write a 'Red Seal' exam and earn an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal on your journeyman certificate. This recognizes your certification in most Canadian provinces and territories – giving you the opportunity to move between Maxim's 17 locations across Canada.

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