Introducing the International MV Grain Truck

Welcome to the International MV Grain Truck, one of the most popular and high-rated grain trucks in the industry.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • Its cab is built with HSLA reinforced, cold-rolled steel for maximum durability, and on top of that, it’s new one-piece steel door frame and panels improve upon the MVs already incredible durability, structure and sealing.
  • It has a GVW rating of up to 54,600 lbs.
  • Its all-new HVAC system is designed for reliability and it now includes a high-performance MAX defrost system built to easily handle our harsh Canadian winters
  • It has a front axle capacity of 12,000 lbs and rear axle capacity of 40,000 lbs.
  • It’s built with a new door, side glass and mirror design to further improve on lateral visibility and workplace safety, and has wheelbase options ranging from 128-311”

Under the Hood:

  • Our International MVs are typically built with the Cummins L9 engine, like this one here, which can produce up to 350 HP.
  • It’s built with a reliable Allison auto 6-speed transmission and has more than enough torque to haul whatever you need.


  • International MV grain trucks feature the industry-leading Diamond Logic® electrical system, coming with over 200 pre-programmed tasks and safety interlocks to keep drivers and equipment safe and sound. However, all switches are entirely customizable any switch can be relocated by the customer without any wiring changes.
  • International MVs also come with the incredibly useful Pre-Trip Light Inspection feature, an automatic vehicle light check to make pre-trip inspections easier and more efficient.
  • any switch can be relocated by the customer without any wiring changes.
  • All International MVs can be built with day cab, extended cab, and crew cab configurations and are made with DriverFirst interior, making any MV you drive as comfortable and safe for the driver as possible.


  • This International MV is outfitted with 20-foot Cancade steel grain box, although bigger sizes and aluminum bodies are available
  • It’s built with a strong and durable 3/16” steel floor with solid seam welding, along with a 1-piece rub rail and side wall to eliminate rusting
  • The box is built with no ledges or edges for grain to get caught up in or cross members for mud to hang up on. On top of that, its 12-gauge side walls and front are also built to eliminate grain traps and lodging. Pair that with the body’s easy to clean design and keeping your boxes clean is now simpler than ever
  • It’s curved strategic horizontal ribbing not only looks fantastic, but it provides unequalled strength on the sidewall, allowing you to really pack in your harvest
  • It’s 3-piece swing-out tailgates are designed for easy access and to prevent any moisture seepage, and the gates are completely removable in minutes without any tools or pins required
  • The full width access door opens up completely so there is absolutely no obstruction when unloading your grain
  • It comes with LED lighting throughout, and all the lights and wiring are completed protected with protective flush rubber mounting

 These are just some of the key features that make an International MV Grain Truck a clear favourite. Click here for the full International MV Brochure