Introducing the International LT with the S13 Intergrated Powertrain

Welcome to the International LT product walkaround featuring the S13 Integrated Powertrain. This vehicle was designed with the owner, the driver, and the maintenance operators in mind.


Vehicles rarely drive perfectly into the wind, so there is always some crosswind pushing against the tractor and trailer. The LT Series was designed to deliver the lowest possible amount of aerodynamic drag across all conditions. You’ll notice all the surfaces of the LT series are rounded, which is a key technique for reducing drag in crosswinds.


Looking at the hood, you’ll notice more crown, where the middle in front of the windshield is higher and quickly tapers to the sides and front. Wheel openings were sculpted to move air around the wheels, and now feature tighter wheel closeouts around the edge. The three-piece bumper is entirely composite and does not require a steel brace behind it, which reduces weight, helps to eliminate corrosion, and increases foot space for mechanics when servicing the vehicle. 


The truck features an updated grille, with options for both black and chrome surrounds, which not only looks great but also optimizes cooling and airflow around the front-end of the vehicle.  

Skirted options

The two-piece skirts include a flare out at the end to guide air around the rear wheels, without the need for a third skirt piece. In addition to aero improvements, this also eliminates weight associated with a three-piece skirt design.

All these cab elements contribute not only to the bottom line for operating costs, but also create value for return on investment in the secondary truck market. 


Let’s look at the star of show - the all-new S13 integrated powertrain, which delivers an 8% increase in fuel efficiency over our previous A26 and X15 powered powertrain offerings. The S13 engine is available in HP ratings up to 515, and ratings up to 1850 lb-ft of torque, and startability that will blow the doors off comparably spec’d trucks. Looking under the hood you’ll find the industry’s lightest weight 13L engine. You’ll also notice that along with the reduced weight, we’ve been able to reduce some of the more problematic mechanical components. No more EGR cooler or VGT under the hood. Those are no longer required with the S13 integrated. Converting the power of the S13 engine is the job of the new T14 automated manual transmission. This 14-speed AMT is optimized for direct drive, without sacrificing the power at the pedal that drivers demand. With factory provided PTO options and pre-wire kits, applications both now and later down the road can be covered, giving the LT new life to different users.


Sitting in the driver’s seat you’ll see that all the driver’s controls are intuitively placed and well-marked. The premium cluster, standard on the LT series, has a 5.5-inch LCD screen that you can customize to display any available information with the pagination switch. On the right of the steering wheel, you’ll notice the stalk shifter. The stalk shifter includes functionality for gear selection, up and down shifting, and engine braking in one intuitive control. Notice the steering wheel buttons and up to 26 rocker switches on the instrument panel. All of these are backlit for easy nighttime identification. Additional features like the Bluetooth microphone located in the A-pillar, and an optional driver’s side air bag in the steering wheel, increase safety for the driver and add value to the LT for secondary users.

To keep the cab comfortable is our powerful HVAC system. Here you’ll see automotive-style controls, with an additional max defrost button. Press the button, and the system automatically adjusts to max heat, max blower, and directs air flow to the windows. LT Series HVAC defrost performance is best in class, defrosting all windows long before the competition, allowing your driver to get on the road faster and safer. We were able to move the location of the instrument panel to give you more room to easily transition from the cab to the sleeper.

With ample storage in the driver’s compartment, that also extends into the sleeper cabin. We’re excited to feature the new flip-up upper bunk in our Sky-rise cabs. A comfortable space to relax when you need it, and more space to move around when you put it in the stowed position.