Introducing the International LT

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • Its cab comes in multiple configurations, including a 56” low roof, 56” hi-rise, 73” hi-rise, and a 73” sky-rise (show images of the four LT Sleeper configurations – see attached pages from LT Brochure– remove daycab on the end)
  • The steering wheel control labels are laser-etched through the thickness of the material and LED backlit for maximum durability and visibility
  • The LT comes with LED headlights and fog lights to deliver brighter visibility during the night and in poor weather conditions. And its tough polycarbonate lenses protect against breakage.
  • Its all-new HVAC system is designed for reliability. It includes a high-performance MAX defrost system built to easily handle our harsh Canadian winters
  • This model has a front axle capacity of 14,000 lbs and rear axle capacity of up to 46,000 lbs.
  • This particular LT is set up with a collision mitigation system and collision warning system. This includes multilane auto & stat vehicle braking, stat objective alerts, side object detection, a front camera & radar, a speed-based dynamic detection range and so much more – making the LT one of the safest vehicles for truck drivers. (reiterate the mitigation features with text on screen)

Under the Hood:

  • Our International LTs are typically built with the International A26 or Cummins X15 engine, which can produce up to 565 HP and 2050 lbs/ft of torque
  • This LT is built with an Eaton Endurant 12-speed fully automated manual transmission. It has an aluminum clutch housing, overdrive, mechatronic shift controls, pneumatic clutch actuation, internal lube oil pump, and hill start aid – meaning your ride isn’t going to have any problem adapting and transitioning smoothly through various terrain and traffic situations.


  • All International LTs are made with DriverFirst interior, making any LT you drive as comfortable and safe for the driver as possible.
  • Predictive cruise control is set up with this LT and is further enhanced through GPS technology and pptional battery-powered auxiliary power unit provides 17,000 BTU/hr heat and 6,000 BTU/hr Air Conditioning for no idle comfort
  • The LT is set up with several outlets and USB ports for drivers to use for hot plates, charging ports, and whatever else drivers may need during their travels.
  • Two storage cabinets are standard on every LT with an additional two more available for installation
  • It comes standard with four cup holders and TV mounts are also available

These are just some of the key features that separate the International LT from its competitors. Click here for the full International LT Brochure