Introducing the International HV Digger Derrick Truck

Introducing the International HV Utility Digger Derreck Truck, the go-to truck for anyone who needs powerful and stable drilling done right. It’s available in single axle or tandem axle configurations and as a regular cab, extended cab, or crew cab.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • It’s built with a single 1/2" frame rail that has the strength of a double rail. But it’s lighter in weight and has less chance of inter-rail corrosion
  • It comes with a double-sided galvanized steel cab with superior fit and finish and corrosion resistance
  • Its Huck® Bolt chassis fasteners provide superior clamping force and will not come loose even in extreme environments
  • It comes with standard breakaway mirrors to minimize cab and door damage
  • The Integral 20" and 27" frame extensions (not bolt-on) give it superior strength and reliability
  • It has front axle capacity of 16,000 pounds and a Rear axle capacity of 40,000 pounds
  • It comes with air brakes, an Allison auto transmission, and 4-way rear lockups

Under the Hood:

  • The HV series is available with the International A26 diesel engine, or the Cummins L9 engine, which produces up to 475 Horsepower and 1700 pounds per foot of torque.
  • It comes with either an Eaton Fuller, Eaton Ultrashift, Eaton Fuller Advantage or an Allison automatic transmission. 


  • On the inside, the HV was designed with a DriverFirst interior, focusing on driver comfort and safety.
  • The HV Series features the industry-leading Diamond Logic® electrical system for the automation of tasks and interlocks to help protect both equipment and crew.
  • In-cab electrical panel is conveniently located under spill-resistant dash panel
  • Batteries can be located in the cab for easier servicing in harsh weather and to free up rail space for mounting other components


  • This HV is outfitted with a DT65E Transmission Digger Derrick, providing a new level of performance, reliability and safety.
  • The E-series includes a 60 GPM variable displacement piston pump and valve technology that provides superior flow sharing to maximize jobsite efficiency and operator confidence.
  • The maximum lift capacity is 30,000 lbs, the maximum capacity at 10 feet is 21,051 lbs and the maximum sheave height is 65 feet.
  • The minimum digging radius is 26.9 feet and the maximum digging radius is 35.8 feet.
  • Advanced features like digger shift gearbox protection, HOP ramping, and point-of-use station select help protect both the equipment and operators from common worksite hazards

These are just some of the key features that separate the International HV Utility Digger Derrick Truck from its competitors. Click here for the full International HV Brochure