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Introducing the Great Dane Quad Axle Deck Trailer

Introducing the Great Dane 53-foot long Quad Axle Flat Deck – a specialty trailer designed to handle the heaviest jobs.

Now we’ve done videos on Great Dane decks before which you can find here, but let’s go over what makes a quad axle deck so special.

Now, obviously, the big thing is the extra axle. The load capacity for this bad boy jumps up to 65,000lbs, making this trailer perfect for those looking to haul heavy cargo and still stay within the road restrictions.

We can also see the large amount of plumbing that goes into these units with your standard front axle lift, the fourth axle lift at the rear and your suspension dump.

There are also toolboxes set up on either side as well as two dunnage racks on this unit. There are also 26 sliding three-bar winches to help keep your cargo secure.

As we make it back, we can see the quad axle in all its glory. If we get in real close, we can the liftable steer axles to bring up the fourth wheel when needed.

At the back, we can see the factory-provided strobing lights to provide extra visibility at night. All the lights are Grote LEDs, known for top quality and high visibility.

These are just some of the key features that make a Great Dane quad axle deck trailer a solid choice. To buy or lease a deck trailer at Maxim Truck & Trailer today, visit Maximinc.com