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Introducing the Timpte Super B Grain Trailer

Welcome to the Timpte Super B Grain Trailer – designed specifically for the Canadian market.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • It comes with two trains – the lead unit measures 28-feet 6-inches long and the pup unit comes in lengths of 28.5, 30 or 45 feet in length. These units come in at 102 inches wide with sidewall heights of 78 or 84 inches tall.
  • .063-inch aluminum panels are used in high-stress areas for added strength and durability and 4-foot exterior panels are a long-time Timpte trademark that offers unmatched strength and ease of repair.
  • The air ride dump valve and oil-filled pressure gauge are located on the nose of the trailer so it’s easily accessible to the operator.
  • The upper coupler assembly is a beam truss designed to handle the consistent and rigorous use that happens on the farm with extra cross members and an “X” brace for added strength.
  • Timpte traps are made of ¼-inch aluminum plates. Each door rides on sealed HD 40 mm diameter roller bearings designed to give years of trouble-free service, and the interior trap door seal protects against moisture intrusion.
  • Timpte trailers come standard with front and rear aluminum ladders and a 26-inch rear grab handle for easy and efficient access to your hoppers.
  • Timpte tarp bows are easily replaced if damaged with two ridge straps
  • The rear Corner Frame Posts give all models the ability to vent through the corner posts.
  • Timpte Super Bs can also be built with a dual-arm tarping system that includes One-Touch technology and a multi-function remote to make covering and uncovering your load as simple as pushing a button.
  • The tarp itself is made of 18 oz. premium-grade woven PVC. The tarp construction is all heat-welded, which adds strength and thickness to high-stress areas.
  • The wheels are 24.5x8.25 inches in diameter and come with 11R24.5 Bridgestone tires, and have an air ride suspension that can withstand up to 23,000 lbs.
  • Timpte Super Bs are set up with two rows of 3 LED bullet lights with a center mid-ship turn signal, 2 front high-mount LED bullet lights, 5 rear high-mount market LED bullet lights, and 6 4-inch diameter stop/turn signal LED bullet lights – to make sure you can work during all hours of the day. All lights have weather-pack automotive-style connections and are sealed to prevent corrosion.