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Introducing the International Lonestar Sleeper

Welcome to the International LoneStar, one of the most powerful, easily serviceable, and aesthetically pleasing sleepers in the trucking industry

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • It’s built with a 6x4 tandem axle configuration, with a front axle capacity of up to 14,600 lbs and a rear axle capacity of 46,000 lbs
  • Its frame rails are made with a heat-treated alloy steel with a 120,000 PSI yield for maximum durability and cargo hauling potential
  • It has a GVW rating of up to 60,600 lbs and wheelbase options ranging from 167 to 280 inches
  • Its stylish front grill, windows and mirrors aren’t just for show, but also provide unrivaled visibility and reduce neck strain and fatigue since drives don’t have to stretch so far to check on all their surroundings (15 % less – will put it on screen)
  • It comes with a No Idle System with a battery-powered HVAC with 17,000 BTU of hydronic heat and 6,000 BTU of air conditioning, keeping your temperature comfortable and regulated no matter what conditions you’re driving and sleeping in
  • It’s set up with 11R22.5 Load Range Michelin tires and a Bendix Wingman Advanced collision mitigation system is standard on all Lonestars

Under the Hood:

  • This International LoneStar is built with the industry powerhouse Cummins X15 engine and produces up to 605 Horsepower, a whopping 2,050 pounds per foot of torque, and 1,200 RPM
  • It’s also built with an efficient and smooth Eaton Endurant 12-speed transmission, so you can haul massive loads and shift seamlessly through busy city traffic while also handling faster highway driving


  • The International LoneStar has five cab configurations, four of which are sleeper configurations: the 56” Low-Roof, 56” Hi-Rise, 73” Sky-Rise, and 73” Hi-Rise, like this one here
  • It’s set up with two bunks, a 42-inch-wide flip up lower bunk and a 30-inch-wide upper bunk, both outfitted with comfortable foam mattresses
  • All LoneStars can be set up with a keyless entry system remote with a panic alarm and horn deep lock to place right on your key fob for easy access and security for the driver
  • Drivers spend a lot of time in their sleepers, so we’ve set the Lonestar up with cabinet refrigerators, multiple outlets, a pull-out worktable, storage drawers, an insulated sleeper compartment curtain and more to help your sleeper feel more comfortable and homier
  • And finally, the cab interior is accented with a black cherry padded door insert, door topper and seat insert it gives it a nice slick feel