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Introducing the International IC CE School Bus

Introducing the IC CE School Bus. One of the most popular and highly rated school buses available. There are a ton of features that make IC such a preferred bus in the industry, all varying in sizes from a 35 passenger up to a 77 passenger bus.
  • The front air crossing gate, the easy tilt hood, and single-pane flat windshield increase driver visibility. This particular unit is built with storm windows in the front to prevent foggy windows during the winter months. These rest of the windows in the body on this bus are clear, but tinted glass is also available.
  • It has a bright and highly visibly electric stop arm with strobing LED lights. This bus also comes with a pre-trip inspection feature to test all the exterior lighting on the vehicle. 
  • IC is proud to offer the widest entrance door in the industry, measuring in at 25 ¾ inches, available in either electric or air operated controls.
  • Built with the Wabco hydraulic brake system, with all buses will having traction control and electronic stability control as a standard feature. It has a front axle capacity of 10,000 pounds and rear axle capacity of 19,800 pounds.
  • This bus is built with a Cummins B6.7 diesel engine, available with up to 260 HP and 660-foot pounds of reliable torque.  It can also be built with the PSI 8.8 Litre gasoline or propane engine, which gets you 265 HP and 545-foot pounds of torque at only 1800 RPM – purpose built to mimic the same power output as a Diesel engine.  Most buses can come equipped with either a 60 gallon or 100-gallon fuel tank.
  • All buses, regardless of fuel type, are built with an Allison automatic 6-speed transmission, include a 1000W block heater and an oil pan heater, which are essential for winter driving in Canada and the northern US.
  • Every IC bus is standard with a post-trip inspection monitor system – No Student Left Behind with a push-button alarm.  Four heaters are standard with one for the driver and windshield, a stepwell heater, plus two in the body for its passengers.  Heated driver seats have now also become popular for driver comfort.
  • BTI seating with interchangeable seatbacks are standard on IC buses. Seats can be set with the base seating arrangement, three-point seat belts, or integrated child seats. You can also add UCRA anchors to any type of seat.
  • This particular bus is built with a Braun wheelchair lift and slide and click tie-down wheelchair restraints by Q’Straint.  Also available is an L-Track system, which can allow for seats to occupy the area when not in use for a wheelchair, in order to maximize available seating.