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Introducing the International Great Dane CL Everest Reefer

Introducing the Great Dane Everest CL Reefer, one of the highest performing and most thermally efficient reefer trailers out there, available in single or multi-temp models. So, what makes it such a better unit than the others out there? Well, let’s take a look.

Reefer Unit Specs:

  • ThermoKing Precedent C-600M
  • SR-4 Controller
  • Diesel Direct Electric (DDE) architecture with ETV
  • Microchannel condenser coils
  • Battery charger, 120 amp
  • 2-speed evaporator
  • CargoWatch™
  • Easy-access door design
  • Aluminum 50 Gallon Fuel Tank with USFLS
  • Remote Status Light 

This tandem axle unit is 13 feet and 6 inches tall, 53 feet long, and over 102 inches wide. The roof and side sheet material are aluminum and the size door located here is 40 inches wide.

It comes with Bridgestone tires and a Hendrickson Tiremaxx Pro automatic tire inflation system, allowing you to stay on the road without having to worry about your wheels.

The Roll-o-matic lift-assist rear ramp easily slides in and out and extends out to 16 feet. It has an aluminum-faced door that seals flush with the floor and has a stainless steel roll-up frame.

Walking up the ramp and into the back, you’ll start to see a ton of the key features that separate the Everest CL Reefer from other units.

Its Lightweight wood-free construction gives it a base weight of just 12,000 pounds and helps eliminate any possible rot or moisture absorption.

As you can see here, this unit comes with easy to set up multi-temp compartments, which can be divided up to three separate temperature-controlled compartments. Its new advanced panel foaming process produces a more thermally consistent and superior product by creating a continuous blanket of insulation at all connection points.

Great Dane’s PunctureGuard lining makes the reefer extremely resistant to delamination and sudden impact. They also come with Microban antimicrobial protection in the liner to fight bacteria growth.

They come with the strongest floor system in the industry, and the TTMA-rated 18,000-pound aluminum duct floor is automatically welded to seal out moisture.

The scuffbands provide additional sidewall protection, with this particular model coming with 24-inch Punctureguard scuffbands and ThermoGuard lining along the side, front, and ceiling.

These are just some of the key features that make a Great Dane refrigerated trailer one of the best in the business.