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With Genesis®, East has introduced the smooth-side design that offers the maximum combination of payload capacity, durability and operating savings. Its aerodynamics make Genesis transfer trailers easier running and easier on fuel, giving 5 to 10% better mileage.


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  • New sub frame utilizes 11" extruded aluminum I-beam, adding durability to reduce maintenance.
  • Steel bolt-on bumpers with slope plate to interface with equipment like dozers used to push transfer trailers at landfills when they encounter muddy or sloppy conditions.
  • Greaseable tailgate hardware. Designed for long life, low maintenance.
  • Standard LED Lights.100,000 hours of trouble-free operation from PC-rated marker lights in all locations, providing 180° superior visibility while drawing 10 to 25 percent fewer amps than traditional lights.
  • Lighting system completely sealed fom the elements. "Plug-in" connections designed to prevent moisture infiltration and corrosion.
  • Standard East "Elite" wheel-end parts are warranted for 5 years or 350,000 miles.
  • Landing gear features extra-wide wings, diagonal support braces and C-channel cross-members to withstand frequent shocks.
  • Side-swing, overslung, center-split, airflow and leak-resistant tailgate options.
  • Plug-together wire harness eliminates all junction boxes.
  • Fifth-wheel assembly is "overbuilt" for maximum load-bearing strength. A stainless steel band protects against galvanic corrosion.
  • Twin access holes in the bulkhead provide plenty of room for technicians to work on live-floor hydraulic systems, and to maneuver the necessary tools for the job.
  • Rear-extruded light panel integrated into gate.
  • Inside bottom rail clean out facilitates efficient off-loading.