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Great Dane Everest CL


Great Dane Trailers

Extreme Versatility

The Everest CL reefer provides the flexibility to configure as many as three controlled temperature zones and an ambient section to accommodate a variety of hauls. With PunctureGuard lining as standard, the CL has increased protection from daily wear and tear as well as many other enhancements.

Great Dane Everest Refrigerated Trailers


Trailers: Everest CL
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Exterior Features

Front End Construction

The Everest CL reefer front end is a combination of traditional strength and product innovation aimed at reducing maintenance and weight. The fully-welded aluminum refrigeration unit bracing is supported by four of the frontwall's six extruded aluminum Z-post uprights that form the rigid front end. The use of an aluminum frame in place of a steel frame eliminates the use of dissimilar metals in the front wall and the chance of galvanic corrosion. 6" radius corners of .050" aluminum join the frontwall to the sides and offer puncture resistance and greater durability. Stainless steel corners are available as an option. Swing-style front vents are available as an option and are located on the upper roadside of the trailer. Vents are formed of expanded vinyl that is easy to clean and feature a double seal to form a perfect fit and prevent costly leaks. A vent access system is provided with front vents, consisting of two steps and a 36" vertical grabhandle.

Front Wall Protection

The front wall design incorporates important protection features aimed at reducing maintenance costs and maintaining appearance. Air and electrical connections are mounted to the frontwall on a stainless steel plate for easy access and reduced maintenance. A heavy-duty, extruded aluminum impact plate extends full width across the lower front and wraps around the corners to the sides to protect from fifth-wheel impact damage. This aluminum extrusion will not rust, never needs paint and protects this vulnerable area. Stainless steel lock bolts are used to securely fasten the bottom rails to the upper coupler. Six 2" front wall Zee posts along with the cooling unit frame ensure uniform stiffness across the entire front width. A full width upper coupler with a one-piece .25" main beam and approach plate made from 50,000 psi steel is standard. The interior of the upper coupler is fully coated for corrosion protection.

Sidewall Strength

The side wall construction is a skillful balance between strength and thermal properties. Standard 1.125" extruded aluminum J-post uprights provide ample strength without allowing undue heat transfer. These uprights are optimally spaced to enhance the performance of the trailer. Uprights are spaced on 24" centers with 12" centers in high shear zones from the front and extending behind the landing gear. The Everest CL's .040" aluminum side sheets are manufactured with 4"/8" corrugation pattern. Flat aluminum side sheets in .040" and .050" thicknesses are also available. Bottom rails are securely fastened with eight 3/8" aluminum rivets to each I-beam crossmembers. Heavy-duty 3/8" stainless steel lock bolts are used for additional shear strength at the coupler and rear frame connections.


The Great Dane Model 60 Landing Gear uses a constant mesh gear box which keeps gears engaged for consistently smooth shifting. The landing gear construction features a floating nut design which protects the elevating screw from damage caused by dock walk. Supported by angle bracing at the front and rear, the GD Model 60 has a lift capacity of 55,000 lbs. The mount spreads the load over five crossmembers, and steel gussets ensure extra support, stability, and strength. Completing the design, Great Dane's proprietary replaceable shock-mounted sand shoes reduce stresses in the mount by 50 percent. Componentry is bolted in place for ease of repair. Crossmembers are installed on 12" centers as standard. For increased strength and longer life, one additional crossmember is located at the rear of the trailer, creating 8" centers for the last two feet. 5" extruded aluminum I-beam crossmembers are used in the cargo bay area to increase floor strength and reduce weight. Aluminum end clips are used to protect against corrosion from the contact of dissimilar metals against the bottom rail An additional standard feature, the 6-Year Stemco Platinum Performance Plus Wheel End System includes Guardian HP oil seals, PRO-TORQ spindle nuts, and integrated Sentinel hub caps. The entire system is warranted for 5 years for parts and labor and includes an additional year of coverage on parts, which can be extended to 9 years with required maintenance. The Everest CL comes standard with an air-ride suspension for a smoother ride and increased cargo protection.

Roof Construction

The Everest CL's aluminum roof coil is manufactured using a patented corrugation process, which not only adds stiffness to the structure but also controls the thermal expansion of the sheet, minimizing the potential for delamination from the insulation. The .032" thick roof sheet is chemically bonded, adding durability and longevity to the roof system. It is tension mounted and joined to the top rail with an extruded aluminum J-molding. The joint is secured with rivets on 2" centers and a liberal coating of neoprene is added to seal out moisture. The roof assembly includes standard I-beam roof bows installed on 32" centers. The combined strength of the assembly contributes to less trailer fatigue and greater load support.

Side Door Features

Great Dane's unique side door design delivers unparalleled performance. With the low-profile blade lock design there are no protruding hinges or lock rods, so side doors are protected from damage. Unlike outer lockrods that only provide 2 or 3 points of positive contact, the blade lock design exerts constant pressure along the full height of the door's dual compression seals to ensure prevention of air loss. Hinges are recessed, yet ensure a full 180 degrees of door opening. Door frames are made of high-yield aluminum alloy extrusions that incorporate the recessed hinges and lock jams. Aluminum extrusions ensure straightness and the entire construction uses stainless steel fasteners. Steel framing is usually fabricated and welded which causes warping, and steel welded frames do not have the sealing potential of fastened aluminum frames. All side doors located in high-stress areas contain partial or full shrouding. Side doors are engineered for functionality and durability to prevent corner cracking and misalignment over the service life. All shrouds are internally located within the door frame construction. Doors are reinforced along the exterior of the bottom rail at the corners with stainless or aluminum reinforcement. The length of the bottom rail is further supported with stainless or aluminum reinforcing that extends a minimum of 24" fore and aft of the door openings.

Exterior Rear Features

Rear Frame Construction

Everest CL rear frames are constructed of satin-finish stainless steel for maximum strength and minimum maintenance. Resistance to corrosion and the overall enhanced appearance of stainless steel increases resale value. A stainless steel post cap reinforces the rear frame post and sill protecting the outer impact area. The last two crossmembers at the rear of the trailer are replaced with a solid 8" shear panel structure for added strength and absorption of stresses from dock impact. The stainless steel buckplate has a 2" bumper channel increasing the rear frame strength and rubber dock bumpers to help reduce impact damage. The buckplate lamps are fully recessed and protected from loading dock damage by a stainless steel eyebrow vertically braced with stainless steel bars between each lamp. A steel light protector box fully encases the backside of lights protecting wiring and receptacles from road debris as well as ice buildup. The rear sill lights have a separate harness secured within the light box for protection without sacrificing ease of replacement.

Rear Impact Guard

The rear impact guard is designed and tested to conform to all U.S. and Canadian regulations and is available in stainless steel as well as carbon steel, and may be welded in place or bolted on for ease of repair. The high-strength steel rear impact guard is an integral part of the rear frame and is secured by a stainless steel attachment channel. The vertical channels are strongly braced by diagonal supports. The horizontal tube has a vertical concave surface that creates a recessed area to protect conspicuity tape from abrasion. It also features a perforated top surface for traction and capped ends that extend above the tube for added safety.

Door Construction

The Everest CL's all aluminum doors are completely sealed, inside and out, to eliminate moisture intrusion into the insulation. A unique gasket design provides a triple seal using a dual-lip outer seal with a separate inner compression seal, locking in refrigerated air. The extruded aluminum perimeter of the door opening has an integral PVC thermal barrier, which not only prevents the gaskets from freezing to the rear frame, but also reduces heat transfer and increases thermal efficiency. The Everest CL's rear doors feature four internal lateral braces for added reinforcement, improving durability and maintaining a flat, smooth exterior appearance. Minimal skin fasteners enhance the smooth finish and reduce maintenance time and costs. As an option, a sturdy roll-up rear door frame is available for loading in limited space. All rear door hardware is installed with stainless steel bolts. Lock rods are galvanized steel and incorporate anti-seize bushings between the lock rod tube and the bearing plates to ensure smooth operation. Additional design features include rack resistance and high-torque cam-keeper configuration to provide tight-sealing,smooth operating doors for the entire life of the trailer. Optional swing-style rear vents are hinged on the lower curbside of the trailer and are formed of expanded vinyl that is easy to clean. The vent door access has a finished aluminum cover. A double seal forms a perfect fit and prevents costly leaks.


Great Dane's heavy-duty, extruded aluminum hinge design allows the rear doors to open fully to the sides and to "break away" in the event of severe impact. Four hinges per door are standard. Hinges are fastened to the rear doors by three stainless steel bolts making hinge replacement effortless, and the use of phenolic bushings ensures long-term smooth operation. Anti-theft fasteners are strategically placed for cargo protection.

Access Systems

The rear access system for swing door applications includes an intermediate channel with a perforated top surface, where adequate clearance allows, and a road-side-mounted grab handle. Roll-up rear door access systems include a fixed step on the curbside with a recessed grabhandle in the door frame.


The Everest CL's exterior lighting package comes standard with Grote's MicroNova® DOT LED lamps, designed to improve visibility and service life of the lights. The system also features dual intensity clearance lights, with an available option for five clearance lights with outer turn signal. The industry's best wiring harness, the Long-Life Light System is a maintenance-free, fully modular system backed by a 10-year warranty. This sealed harness prevents moisture intrusion, is extremely durable, and combines the flexibility of a custom wiring system with the reliability and simplicity of a sealed harness.

Interior Features


Within a temperature regulated press, a computer-controlled urethane injection process insulates modular roof and side wall components, producing flat linings and skin with void-free foam for maximum thermal efficiency. Interior sidewalls are lined with PunctureGuard, Great Dane's exclusive glass-reinforced, thermoplastic lining designed to be incredibly strong and lightweight, yet extremely puncture resistant for extra protection against daily wear and tear. For maximum interior protection combined with optimal thermal efficiency, ThermoGuard lining is available. Using a less intrusive wedging around the perimeter of the rear frame offers over an inch more opening width and over a half inch more height to the rear interior of the trailer.

Floor Strength

Great Dane's floor system combines the industry's highest floor rating with the strongest support features. The aluminum duct floor is robotically welded full length to seal out all moisture. The floor's insulation is further protected from external moisture by a one-piece thermoplastic sub pan that is extremely impact resistant. Corrosion protection is enhanced by employingMagnicoated fasteners to install the floor and composite floor sills. Full-width composite floor sills are located over each crossmember for support. Composite sills lessen the chance of weld breaks caused when wood sills are crushed or deteriorate due to moisture. Air and electrical lines are routed above the crossmembers at the outboard edges of the floor sills in a PVC conduit maintaining the integrity and strength of the floor. The PVC conduit is capped from below to protect air and electrical lines against road debris. Extruded aluminum I-beam inserts extend in nearly four feet from the rear to reinforce the center 72" of the floor, providing protection from initial fork truck tire impact. Five .25" thick dock protector plates are evenly spaced across the rear gutter to distribute loading stresses, further protecting the rear of the floor from loading equipment damage.

Lining Protection

Sidewall protection from fork lift and cargo damage is provided by a 10" high extruded aluminum integral scuffband that extends full length to the front wall and features a tapered design with heavy-duty .188" material at the bottom and graduating to .100" at the top. A heavy-duty option including .188" thickness full height is available. Additional heights are available for added sidewall protection. Various cargo track options are available for cargo securement and can be overlaid or recessed at various heights on the sidewall. Fillers are used to secure scuffbands and cargo track to side wall uprights on 16" or 24" centers the full length of trailer. This added support helps absorb abuse and impact from fork trucks and cargo loading.

Interior Lighting

Great Dane offers the latest advancements in all LED interior lighting for better performance, greater illumination and the ease of replacement. This includes L.E.D. dome and spot lamps, which improve the visibility in refrigerated trailers. Installation options include ceiling and side wall placement. All interior lamps have return ground wiring, which is routed through a PVC conduit for reduced maintenance and ease of repair. Interior lighting functions are streamlined using Great Dane's unique nose-mounted timer switch, which combines functionalities to eliminate the need for a separate pressure switch. All interior switches can be used to turn interior lights on or off, independent of the nose mounted switch. When the trailer is in motion, the interior lights are off to allow full power to the ABS system; and lights are turned off electrically from the tractor's stop lamp circuit upon the first brake application, rather than by air pressure when the parking brake is released.


Moveable bulkheads allow for the simplest form of multi-temp compartmentalization. They can be moved or removed quickly to facilitate various loads and backhauls.

Entry and Egress

Various types of steps, ramps and platforms are available.

Flooring Options

Several flooring options are available including medium and heavy-duty duct floors and cargo floors with smooth and safety-grip surfaces.


The versatility of reconfiguration allows maximum productivity. Using center partition bulkhead systems with a dual evaporator host unit and remote evaporators, the total inside area can be divided between as many as three controlled temperatures and an ambient section. This achieves precise control of temperatures, while providing extreme flexibility to reconfigure for various types of hauls.

Liftgate Prep

Liftgate installation preparation is available, including rail-lift and tuck-away options.

Pintle Hooks

Pintle hooks and pintle hook accessories are available for larger combination vehicles.

False Ceiling

An optional roll-up door false ceiling is available when used in conjunction with a center divide bulkhead system.

Cargo Restraint Options

Various cargo restraint options are available, including overlaid and recessed type-A and type-F horizontal track. Optional sidewall 'D' rings and floor bull rings are also available.

Door Switches

Electronic door switches shut down the reefer unit in noncooling situations to save fuel and lower maintenance costs.


Uprights A-punched logistic posts on 4" vertical centers are optional.

Remote Evaporator

Various remote evaporator locations and combinations as well as various evaporator guards are available.

Package Options

Widespread Tandem Package

Most common for truckload applications, a widespread tandem axle configuration is available on Everest CL reefers. This package allows for an increase of the allowable legal weight per trailer axle, providing flexibility of load placement and the potential for higher cargo loads.

Tridem Axle/Suspension Package

Everest CL reefers are available with a tridem axle configuration and air-ride suspension package for operations where weight laws permit added payload through weight distribution

Total Protection Package

In addition to already standard Everest CL features such as a rust-resistant stainless steel rear frame, Grote's® MicroNova® lamps and completely sealed, moisture-proof Long Life Light System, Great Dane's complete package of comprehensive corrosion prevention solutions includes options to enhance a trailer's image by delivering superior protection against equipment deterioration.

The Total Protection Package includes:


Great Dane's exclusive spray-in-place thermoplastic coating on suspensions and support gear for superior long-term protection from rock and stone impingement, and chemical resistance to current de-icing chemicals and road hazards.

Aluminum Wheels

Including a patented treatment, which penetrates the aluminum and becomes an integral part of the wheel, resisting corrosion.

Geometric Dimensions

Special Spec-Packages
Overall Height
13' 6"
Overall Length
53' 0"
Overall Width
Upper Coupler Height
King Pin Location
36" from Nose
Landing Gear Location
98.5" From Kingpin
Amount of Wedge

Front Exterior and Structure

Front Corner
6" Radius
Front Corner Sheet
Aluminum, 0.050"
Radius Corner Protectors
Front Sheets
Aluminum, 0.040"
Front Upright
Zee, Aluminum, 2.00"
Vent, Front
Anti Nose-Dive Device
Tracking System (Customer Furnished)

Electrical Connector and Gladhand

Electrical Connector/Gladhand Location
Offset Roadside, Overlaid
Hose Couplers (Gladhands)
Tramec Control and Tramec Supply
Standard Document Holder
Truck-Lite #97859 W/ Great Dane Logo At Roadside Front
Additional Manifest Box

Side Exterior and Structural

Side Sheet Material
Aluminum, 0.040"
Side Sheet Texture
Bottom Rail Rivets
.38" Aluminum Rivets
Side Upright Type
Zee, Aluminum 1.50"
Side Upright Locations
24" Centers
Rub Rail Type, Side
Protection Package, External

Side Doors

Quantity of Side Doors (Area "C") (Ahead Of Landing Gear)
Quantity of Side Doors (Area "D") (In Landing Gear Area)
First Curbside Side Door Behind Landing Gear
Second Curbside Side Door Behind Landing Gear
First Roadside Side Door Behind Landing Gear
Second Roadside Side Door Behind Landing Gear

Rear Exterior and Structural

Rear Frame Type And Material
Stainless Steel Swing Door Comb-type Frame
Rear Frame Header
4" Header
Rear Frame Wedging
Aliminum Wedging
Rear Entry
Swing Door to Seal on Buckplate
Rear Impact Guard
Carbon Steel Bumper, Bolt On Vertical, Weld On Horizontal
Dock Lock Bracing
Rear Bumpers
Rubber Dock Bumpers
Rear Bottom Rail Reinforcing
Rear Access System
Handhold Roadside Door (With RIG Intermediate Channel When Clearance Allows)
Tag Bracket Location
Stainless Steel License Plate Bracket On Rear Frame
License Plate Installation
Type of Rear Door
Frame Type Swing With Triple Seal Gasket And Aluminum Cover Sheet
Lock Rods
1 per Rear Door
4 per Rear Door
Rear Door Holdback
Type of Rear Door Scuffband
With or Without Safety Release
Without Safety Release
Strip Curtain
Rear Door Vent
Hazardous Material Placards
ERC Switch (Rear)

Roof Options

Roof Bows
1.00" Aluminum I-Beam on 32" Centers
Roof Sheet
0.040" Aluminum

Interior Lining/Scuff/Floors

Rows of Side Scuffband
1 Row
Type of Side Scuffband (Row One)
10" High Integral Extruded Aluminum
Side Scuffband Location (Row One)
Installed at Floor Level
Side Scuffband Position (Row One)
Recessed on Sidewall
Rows of Front Scuff
Type of Floor
Smooth Aluminum Duct, 1.38"
Front And Rear Gutters
Install Front Gutters And Front Drains, Install Rear Gutters And Rear Drains
Aluminum Dock Plates Over Rear Gutter
(5) Smooth Aluminum Dock Plates Over Rear Gutter
Rear Floor Inserts
40" Long Inserts in Center 72" of Floor
Subfloor Type
0.060" Great Dane GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polyester)
Front Lining
0.090"L GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polyester)
Side Lining
0.070" PunctureGuard Lining
Ceiling Lining
0.090"L GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polyester)
Rear Door Lining
0.090"L GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polyester)
Unit Numbers on Lining
Quantity of Rows of Logistics Track

Understructure Forward and Bay Assembly

Upper Coupler Type
4.25" Channel
Mainbeam Plate Thickness
Approach Plate Thickness
0.19", Roll-Lip
Landing Gear
GD60 (Non Fast Gear)
Landing Gear Foot/Shoe
10" X 10" Cushion Foot
Landing Gear Handle Location
Landing Gear Lube System
No Special Lube System
Tire Carrier
No Tire Carrier
Crossmembers Ahead of the Landing Gear
Aluminum I-Beam on 12" Centers, 4" Deep
Front Tire Protector Plates
Anti-Hook Plate
Crossmembers Over Landing Gear
4" Steel I-Beam Over Landing Gear, 12" Centers
Bay Area Crossmembers
5" Aluminum I-Beam on 12" Centers
URG Crossmembers
4" Steel I-Beam on 12" Centers
Extra Crossmembers at the Rear
8" centers Last 4' of Trailer (1 extra typical)
Extra URG Rail Length
Rear Tire Protector Plates
Bay Area Walkramp
Aerodynamic Fairings
Side Skirts-Prepare for Future Side Skirt Installation


Undercarriage Design
Tandem Axle, Slide Spring Suspension, 49" Axle Centers
Model of Suspension
Holland Duralite (LS4)
3 Leaf Spring
Bogie Location
Without Pintlehook
Walkramp at Rear
Locking Mechanism
Non Air Assist Pin Puller


Axle Type
Great Dane Tapered Spindle .50 Wall
Brake Size
16.50" X 7.00"
Brake Actuators
Great Dane Standard 2.5" Stroke
Brake Lining
Standard Brake Lining
Brake Shoe Type
Standard Service
Brake Adjusters
Meritor Automatic 5.50"
Dust Shield Type
Tire-Inflation-Systemn/Tire/Wheel Option
Axle System Lube Type


Anti-Lock Brakes
Wabco 2S/1M Easy Stop
Optional Diagnostics Cable
Brake Valves
Air-Tank Drain Valves
Great Dane, Smooth Black with Logo
Mudflap Quantity/Bracket Material
Mudflap Mounting Location
On Undercarriage

Tires/Wheels/Hub and Drum

Rim/Disc Wheel Size
22.5" 8.25"
Hub/Wheel and Drum
Great Dane Hub Piloted Universal 10 Stud Hub with Outboard Cast Drums
Brake Drum Balancing
Wheel Type
22.5" Steel Disc Wheel, Hub Piloted, 5HH
Wheel/Rim Vendor
Great Dane
Wheel Stud Options
Wheel Spacer (Corrosion Barrier)
Tire Size
295/75R 22.5
Tire Brand
Bridgestone R195F
Spare Tire

Axle End Condition

Wheel Lubricant
Kendall EBL Grease
Wheel Seals
Stemco Guardian
Stemco Sentinel Hubcaps
Axle Spindle Nuts
Pro-Torq Nuts

Electrical Wiring/Lights

Exterior Lighting Package
All Lights LED, Long Life Lighting System, Grote MicroNova DOT LED
Electrical Connector
Great Dane 7-Way Solid Pin
Rear Header Light Locations
Center Cluster of 3 with 1 Each Side Outboard Corner
Buckplate Light Type
Grote Series 40, LED Flange Mount
Midship Turn Signal
Grote MicroNova DOT LED Combination Turn and Clearance
Location of Turn Signal
Roadside and Curbside, Center of Trailer
Installation of Turn Signal
Attach to Crossmember Flush with Bottom Rail
Rear Gusset Lamp
Grote MicroNova DOT LED
Rear ABS Lamp
Grote MicroNova DOT LED
Front Top Rail Lights
1 Top Mounted on Side Roadside and Curbside
Additional Side Top Rail Lamps
Buckplate Lights Qty and Loc
2 Each Side
Side Bottom Lights
1 Each Side
Side Bottom Light Locations
1 at Rear
Supplemental Turn Signal

Electrical Interior

Dome Light Quantity
Spotlight Quantity


Front Finish
Pre-Painted White
Side Finish
Pre-Painted White
Rivet Color
Top rail Paint
Bottom Rail Paint
Rear Frame Finish
None (Stainless Steel)
Rear Door Finish
Pre-Painted White
Installation of Customer Decals
Undercarriage Finish
Black Undercoat
Wheel Finish
White Enamel
Conspicuity Treatment
Great Dane on Bottom Rail
Great Dane Logo Installation
Red Logos
Unit Numbers (Exterior)
Paint Load Line


Front Insulation
3.50" Urethane
Rear Door Insulation
3.00" Urethane
Floor Insulation
2.50" Urethane
Floor Sills
Side Insulation
2.50" Urethane
Roof Insulation
2.50" Urethane

Control Temperature Unit

Type of Nose Mounted Unit
Thermo King (Large Opening)
Preparation for nose Mounted Unit
No Unit Installation, Brace and Cut Hatch
Unit Position
First Ceiling Evaporator (3.50" Minimum Roof)
Second Ceiling Evaporator (3.50" Minimum Roof)

Control Temperature Acessories

Fuel Tank Capacity
Prep for Future 50 Gallon
Fuel Tank Location
Roadside Undermount, Width-Wise
Refirgeration Remote Indicator Lights
Refrigeration Unit Duct and Transition
Remote Control Panel

Bulkheads, Air Return and Center Partitions

Bulkhead/Air Return
Factory Furnished Pallet Stops Air Return
First Moveable Bulkhead Supplier
Second Moveable Bulkhead Supplier
Center Partitions and Preparation (102 wide only)