Fittings, Nuts, Bolts

When you think of heavy-duty truck parts for your rig, the sophisticated mechanical systems used for various functions on your vehicle or trailer often come to mind. However, the fittings, nuts, bolts, and other fastening parts are just as crucial. These smaller, less-obvious heavy-duty truck parts are essential in ensuring the different parts of your truck fit firmly and securely to your rig or each other.

Fittings: Hoses and pipes need a secure attachment to a water truck or trailer, so we provide you with a large selection of the best quality pipe fittings available today. The fittings, including Navistar and Fairview couplings, forged tees, and fittings, allow you to repair and maintain your water truck quickly and affordably.

Nuts and Bolts: At Maxim Truck and Trailer, we have nuts and screws available in different configurations that suit an array of strength requirements and materials. Primarily, the fasteners differ in their length, head shape, and thread specification. In addition, the various combinations of nut characteristics mean that we can provide bolts for different functions. Visit our store for Applifast aluminum monobolt riveting solutions or quality floor screws by Faucher Industries, among other heavy-duty truck parts.

Superior Fastening Solutions for Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, and Trailers: Maxim Truck and Trailer specialize in offering you the most comprehensive choice of superior quality fasteners and other parts and accessories for trucks and heavy commercial vehicles. Discover our extensive line of fittings, nuts, bolts, and washers for all standard applications for different truck and trailer types.

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