Filters - Commercial/Heavy Trucks

Your truck needs filters for different purposes to work at peak efficiency. Maxim Truck and Trailer offers high-quality air filters that prevent any airborne contaminants from entering and damaging your truck's engine. We also have filters to remove any particles that accumulate in engine oil with time, reducing wear on engine components.

Air Filters: We stock an extensive selection of automotive air filters for commercial applications and heavy trucks from top heavy-duty truck parts manufacturers. In addition, we provide the complete range of Cummins Filtration and K&N air filters that prevent debris from entering your truck's engine block. This protection leads to increased fuel efficiency and a boost in power.

Oil Filters: Cummins is a trusted name that truck owners and fleet managers have trusted for decades regarding heavy-duty truck parts. In particular, its range of Fleetguard filters is a popular choice in our catalogue since they are highly efficient at removing heavier used oil from truck engines, keeping them running cleaner and more efficiently. In addition, the Fleetguard crankcase filters effectively handle diesel emissions, particularly for trucks operating at their limits, pulling or hauling heavy loads.

Fuel Filters: The quality of fuel ingested affects the efficiency and durability of your truck's engine, so the choice of a fuel filter is critical. Maxim Truck and Trailer gives you an option of dozens of fuel filter types and models from MACK, Cummins, Baldwin, and Toyota, among others.

Trust Maxim Truck and Trailer for Your Filtration Needs: Replacing a worn air, oil, or fuel filter can dramatically impact the efficiency and life of your truck's engine. We provide a comprehensive selection of filters to ensure that you get the right truck part for your needs, regardless of your vehicle. Get in touch with us for the best commercial vehicle filters and other heavy-duty truck parts.

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