6 Ways the East Genesis Aluminum End Dump Stands Out

When you’re looking for an end dump trailer, a key consideration is whether to go with a traditional steel trailer or an all-aluminum product. A lighter trailer weight giving you more payload capacity is a major advantage of all-aluminum trailers.

This Tridem East Genesis Aluminum end dump measures 35 feet 6 inches long and has an empty scale weight of just 9,638 pounds. Compare that to a similar-sized tridem 37-foot steel end dump that has a weight of 15,899 pounds and you can see the payload advantage.

So if you’re leaning towards an aluminum trailer - which does cost more - the East Genesis Frame End Dump Trailers shines brighter than the rest.

East frameless dump trailers are designed for the ideal balance between light weight for more payload and heavy-duty strength for durability. East offers several frameless dump trailer configurations.

So, what sets East end dump trailers apart from its competitors? Well, here are just a few ways.

  1. East end dumps have a bulkhead that fully wraps around the sides and back, which transfers the trailer’s hoist load to the side walls. This reduces stress on the trailer, which prevents potential cracking in tough applications and increases the trailer’s air flow, which improves your fuel efficiency. 
  2. Secondly, East end dump floors are made from premium-grade aluminum and are constructed and tested to have 33% more yield strength than the industry standard.
  3. The East Genesis side walls are also built with 2-inch-thick double-wall extruded aluminum panels, and these panels are robotically welded inside and out. This makes their side walls much stronger and more durable than many competitors and more resistant to bowing and twisting. It also protects the outer wall from damage, which helps with your future resale value.
  4. Next, the hoist wall is reinforced with 3/8 -inch extruded 6061-T6 U-beams and 3/8 -inch stiffeners, which heavily reduces how much the trailer’s body can twist during use, increasing its lifespan exponentially.
  5. Quiet-Ride Rubber Pads Rubber pads are affixed to each body cross member to reduce noise and wear. Competitor products bolt rubber to the chassis frame, which often dislodges.
  6. And, speaking of the chassis, East end dumps are constructed from one-piece I-beams. This means the chassis has fewer welds and joints than a fabricated beam, which heavily increases the chassis’ strength and reduces the risk of cracking.

For a strong, lighter-weight trailer that can haul more payload and boost your profitability – and retains a higher resale value - consider an East Genesis Aluminum End Dump. Available at Maxim Truck & Trailer.

For more information or to order one today, visit Maximinc.com or call us Toll-Free at 1-888-242-6126.