Introducing the Arne's Quad Wagon

   Introducing the Arne’s Quad Wagon trailer, a truly innovative and useful trailer that has application in multiple industries. Let's take a look at some of its key features

  • It comes in at up to 42’ in length and 9’2” tall, with an axle spread of 50” and a wall height of up to 50” - allowing you who haul a massive amount of product.
  • The trailer can handle a ton of weight with its 77” track axles and Intraax 25K air ride suspension allowing for a carrying capacity of 25,000 pounds per axle and suspension.
  • Its main frame is constructed of 100,000 psi tensile flange material, making it incredibly strong and durable – which is what you need from a heavy-duty trailer
  • On top of that, its floor and side sections are made from 4.0 mm Hardox 450 steel, which overlap during assembly, further increasing its strength and durability.
  • Arne’s quad wagons are made with a dropped frame and hinge pin location that results in a lower center of gravity, which heavily improves stability when dumping your load.
  • Pair this with its formed 8” channels and one-piece turntable frame fabricated from a three/eight-inch plate and you get a trailer with unmatched rigidity and stability.
  • Not only is it stable when dumping, but the design of the trailer enhances the cleanout of the product, as well as the longevity of the box.
  • Arne’s Quad Wagons are crafted with a light-weight aluminum light bar and rear cross member, decreasing the weight of this trailer significantly, which allows you to increase your payload
  • They are built with LED lighting throughout, and a fabricated steel ladder welded to the box to allow for easy access to your load.
  • All Arne’s quad wagons are finished with Sherwin Williams paint and come with a 5-year warranty on the main frame rails and a 3-year warranty on the box, non-prorated.