5 Ways the Arne's Cross Gate Hopper Beats Out Other Belly Dump Trailers

The Frame

So, when taking about the Arne’s Cross Gate Hopper, which is essentially a style of belly dump trailer, we have to start with the frame. One thing that’s incredibly important when purchasing a trailer is making sure you’re getting something as light as possible without compromising on strength. Because this will allow you haul even more cargo per load, which equals more money per delivery.

That’s why Arne’s cross gates are built with this sleek trestle design as opposed to a bulky unnecessary frame. This, along with the stress diffuser plates in high-stress areas, allows your load to be distributed all over the trailer, making the trailer lighter and stronger at the same time.

The Hopper

Next, let’s talk about the hopper. Arne’s hoppers are designed to be stronger where it’s needed most, causing them to last longer than competitors. You have 1-gauge formed steel in the front and rear slopes, which are stronger and more wear-resistant than flat slopes. You have 12-gauge steel sides with horizontal ribs and a center rib to support the sidewalls. And you have a 3/16” flat plate center and an even thicker steel plate divide where the bulk of wear will occur.

The Gates

Looking at the gates, they have fairly a standard opening area at around 94” x 14 ½”. But what makes them special is when the gates are operational, the cylinders are in the extended position. This keeps them protected from road debris, which again, will increase your trailer’s lifespan exponentially. 

The Upper Coupler

The oscillating upper coupler absorbs the torsion that would normally be transmitted to the frame, again increasing your trailer’s lifespan. The coupler utilizes 2-9” replaceable rubber bushing that cover the full length of the pivot pin, increasing strength while reducing the cost of replacement. 

The Fenders

Lastly, fully integrated steel fenders are built in the front and rear, meaning your trailer can take a lot of pain before needing any repairs. And combining this with all the other reasons, plus the incredibly warranty policy they offer on all their trailers, I think it’s starting to make sense why Arne’s is becoming such a trusted name in the industry. 

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