Introducing the Arne's Scissor Neck Lowbed

Welcome to the Arne's 50-ton scissor neck lowbed trailer, a heavy-duty trailer made to haul heavy-duty equipment – making it ideal for the construction and agriculture industries. 

But what makes an Arne’s S=scissor deck lowbed so superior? Well, let’s take a look.

  • This trailer is 53 feet long, 9 feet wide and has a deck height of 30 inches. The deck length is 24 feet.
  • This trailer’s capacity is 50 tons over 16 feet.
  • The trailer is outfitted with Hendrickson Air Ride HT 300 suspension, and Michelin XTY2 275/ 70R 22.5 tires.
  • Its signature feature is its hydraulic folding neck - this unit has the slope on the neck reduced to lessen the loading angle. This allows you to easily roll on your loaders, tractors, or any other heavy equipment
  • The neck is outfitted with grouser bars at ½ inch high x 1 inch wide and comes with additional 3-inch plates on the inside on the landing legs.
  • This unit comes with a self-contained wet kit – run by a 13 HP Honda motor located in the first bolster
  • The decking on this trailer is made of durable 2.5-inch fir planks – the center planks are left loose for outriggers.
  • There are two King Pin Positions for 84 inch and 108-inch Clearance
  • The King Pin Height is 48 inches and the kingpin setting is 15 inches.
  • The axle spread on this trailer is 60 inches
  • The boom trough on this trailer is bolted on making it removable
  • It’s also set up with 12 H pockets per side with 13 outriggers to increase the overall width of the trailer when needed.
  • There are 11 D rings on each side, 2 at the axle, and 3 on each side of the scissor neck to create the most secure hauling environment.
  • The trailer is set up with LED lighting throughout including strobe lights and pullout lights to 14 feet for optimal safety for wider loads.
  • The Square Back has provision for a single Axle Booster with Air and Electrical
  • This trailer has flattened main rail flanges at the neck to lessen damage to road surfaces when loading