Take the Risk Out of Buying a Used Truck

Looking for a pre-owned truck you can drive with confidence? Look no further. Get a $0 deductible, factory-backed engine and after-treatment warranty supported by International on all qualifying pre-owned International LT and RH Series vehicles purchased anywhere* in 2021.

It’s just one more way we stand by our trucks, so you can stand proud.

Here are is what is covered

  • Rod/Main/Crankcase & Shaft/Pistons
  • Turbocharger (Hi/Low PSI) & Single Turbo
  • Rocker Arm Assembly
  • Manifold Assembly, Exhaust
  • Oil/Fuel Pump
  • High-Pressure Rail Assembly
  • Injectors
  • EGR Cooler
  • EGR Valve
  • Water Pump
  • Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Doser/Regeneration Fuel Injector
  • SCR Catalyst
  • Urea Doser
  • Oxygen (EGO) Sensor
  • DEF Tank Sensor Assembly
  • SCR/Aftertreatment Temp Sensor
  • Engine Out (NOx) Sensor
  • Exhaust Out (NOx) Sensor
  • Aftertreatment Fuel Control Module
  • Aftertreatment Wiring Harness


12 months, 100,000-mile comprehensive coverage for International LT and RH Series trucks powered by International A26 and Cummins® X15 engines


Coverage of major aftertreatment components

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*Terms and conditions: *Offer begins March 1, 2021. Factory-backed 1-year/100,000-mile warranty on engine and aftertreatment systems valid for purchases of pre-owned 2018 or newer International® LT® and RH™ Series vehicles with less than 550,000 miles at time of sale with 475 HP or less. No junk/salvage titles. Qualifying LT/RH vehicles must have PM/DOT completed within last 12 months, a clean title and a clean health report in the system less than 15 days prior to sale date. Retail sales must occur in the U.S. or Canada to end users in the U.S. or Canada and be delivered to end users by 12/31/2021. Unit must be qualifi ed and warranty registration submitted within 15 days of purchase. For units with equal or greater transferable remaining warranty, no additional coverage is applied. Exclusions apply. Navistar, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time.