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Maxim photo conteset


Submit pictures of your International Truck, IC Bus and/or Great Dane, Arne's, Trout River, BWS, East or Timpte trailer at work and win a $1,000 West Jet travel voucher. Email your submissions to photocontest@maximinc.com. We appreciate all pictures but are looking for images that meet the following criteria to be featured in our 2018 Wall Calendar:

1) Action shots are preferred (see examples below)
2) Trailers paired with International Trucks are preferred
3) New model units are preferred
4) High resolution images are required (ie original size images from your camera or phone)
5) Photos must be submitted by October 31, 2017 or earlier
6) One (1) winner will be selected and awarded the $1,000 West Jet travel voucher by November 30, 2017

By submitting your photo, you are agreeing to allow Maxim to use it (with credit to the photographer) in future marketing and promotional media.