Upper Coupler & Landing Gear - Commercial/Heavy Trucks

Despite being a critical part of any towing setup, the upper coupler & landing gear assemblies remain some of the least maintained and often-ignored trailer components. The coupler is the vital connection between your truck or a prime mover and the trailer you're hitching. Also, the forces that the landing gear bears mean that you need the best heavy-duty truck parts from Maxim Truck and Trailer.

Trailer King Pin: When steering, the upper coupler - also known as a kingpin - is a critical part of the axle assembly. We stock kingpin kits from top manufacturers, including Fleetrite and Navistar International, manufactured from high-quality steel and tested to ensure they meet all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. We offer multi-purpose king pin gauges to inspect couplers for squareness and height for additional safety.

Landing Gear Assembly: When you move your truck or prime mover away, you want to ensure that your trailer remains stable and level, so a quality landing gear assembly is essential. Our range of heavy-duty truck parts from Shur-Co and Holland Hitch has a durable construction that combines strength and weather resistance to provide sturdy support for your trailer. Maxim Truck and Trailer also offers landing gear spares to repair damaged equipment.

Crank Handles: Crank handles ensure that you can raise or lower your landing gear when you need to store or park your trailer. We provide a range of different styles of crank handles from Timpte, Michel's Industries, and Holland Hitch for various types of landing gear.

Heavy-Duty Trailer Parts for All Applications: Due to the punishment that upper coupler & landing gear assemblies must withstand daily, it's not surprising that they eventually need repair or replacement. Maxim Truck and Trailer helps you meet all your heavy-duty truck parts requirements, whether you operate a single trailer or handle a large fleet. Visit the Maxim Truck and Trailer website today for quality trailer parts for all types of applications.

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