Trailer Sheet & Angle Metal

When fabricating your truck or trailer body, you want to be sure of the best, sturdiest material that can take all the punishment that a hard day's work throws at it. Maxim Truck and Trailer offer you Trailer Sheet & Angle Metal from leading manufacturers to ensure that, no matter the application, you can rely on the build quality of your vehicle to deliver your loads safely and securely.

Tubing, Bars, and Rods: If you need steel to construct your trailer frame, look no further than Atlas Welding & Steel's range of angle metal and steel tubing. These heavy-duty truck parts combine strength and performance, ideal for metal siding and trailer floors and bunks, drawbar couplings, timber trailer stakes, and kingpin assemblies. We also stock angle metal for safety applications like rear underrun protection.

Steel and Aluminum Sheets and Strips: At Maxim Truck and Trailer, we stock 10' aluminum trailer sheets, ideal for exterior and interior applications. The Atlas Welding & Steel performance steel strips and sheets are durable and flexible, offering you consistent and guaranteed quality. This versatile paneling solution also means increasing your payload while maintaining a low trailer weight, therefore saving on fuel, lowering your emissions, and improving your bottom line.

Get Quality Trailer Sheet & Angle Metal: Whether you're constructing a bed frame or building a custom trailer, you can count on Maxim Truck and Trailer to provide the trailer sheet & angle metal you need. We also offer accessories for trailer fabrication, including latches and doors, offering you a complete one-stop solution for your trailer frames and components. So get in touch, and let's talk about getting the best quality materials for your trailer.

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