Seals and Bearings

Your seals and bearings are essential heavy-duty truck parts that affect how smoothly the wheels of your truck or trailer move. By reducing the friction within the axle by maintaining wheel lubrication, these critical components reduce the workload on your vehicle's engine, increase the life of other components within the axle assembly, and help reduce fuel consumption. Maxim Truck and Trailer provides various related solutions, including:

Bearings: Your truck's wheel bearings are critical parts of the wheel assembly that connect the axle to the wheels. They consist of a collection of steel balls (known as ball bearings) or tapered cones held in place by metal rings. This greased component allows your wheels to rotate smoothly with as little friction as possible. At Maxim Truck and Trailer, we stock high-quality ball bearings & cone wheel bearings from SKF, Hyatt General Bearing.

Seals: Our store has an array of wheel seals designed to keep debris and dirt away from your wheel bearings. This protection allows the bearings to remain properly lubricated and give your truck or trailer the smoothest ride possible. If you notice grease or oil leaking from your wheel bearings or noise from the trailer wheels, it may be time for you to install new bearings from our collection of Chicago Rawhide axle scot seals or wheel seals from Timken Corporation.

OEM-Standard Heavy Duty Seals and Bearings: Seals and bearings are essential for maintaining the smooth, friction-free rotation of your truck or trailer wheels. Do not risk damage to your vehicle or trailer by operating with damaged heavy-duty truck parts. Visit or call us today for OEM-standard seals and bearings.

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