Your truck lamps must be rugged and reliable enough to handle enormous pressure and constantly deliver perfect lighting. Maxim Truck and Trailer provides high-performance truck lighting solutions from top manufacturers, including Truck-Lite, Grote, and Automann Canada Inc., to improve your safety and driving experience in the most challenging conditions. Our heavy-duty, multi-application lighting systems help you lower your fleet costs and reduce breakdowns.

Forward Lighting: With an incredibly saturated market for heavy-duty truck parts, finding the best headlamps for your vehicle can be a challenge. However, we've made the process easier for you by only stocking lights from the most reliable and reputable brands in the business. The lamps we offer include halogen and energy-saving LED lights, all with heat-dissipating features to keep them cool and ensure long life.

Utility Marker Lights: For large vehicles, utility marker lights are crucial safety features since they tell other motorists about the size, shape, and direction of travel of your truck at night. We offer a selection of clear, red, and amber marker lights from Truck-Lite and Grote Industries to ensure that fellow drivers can quickly identify your vehicle in the dark.

Stop and Tail Lighting: At Maxim Truck and Trailer, we stock a wide selection of stop and tail lighting for trucks and trailers to ensure your safety and other road users. We provide LED lighting as part of our heavy-duty truck parts. We offer you a solution that often lasts for your vehicle's entire life, resists vibrations, and lights faster than traditional incandescent lights.

Your Source for Reliable Truck Lighting Solutions: Maxim Truck and Trailer offers high-performance, high-quality lamps for your truck if you are a truck driver or fleet manager. We have lighting solutions that meet the highest standards for all your applications.

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