Front End Sheet Hoods

Potential impacts, collisions, or access to the elements make your truck's body prone to wear or damage. Besides affecting the look of the vehicle and its eventual resale price, worn-out or damaged panels are dangerous and possibly a breach of government regulations. If your vehicle has frontal body wear or damage, visit Maxim Truck and Trailer for front-end sheet hoods and other heavy-duty truck parts to restore your vehicle to its pristine state.

Hoods: Are you looking for a quality front-end hood to replace a damaged rig, or want to spruce up your truck with a new replacement hood? You've come to the right place. Maxim Truck and Trailer provides an extensive range of aftermarket front-end sheet hoods made from high-strength materials. We've also got latches and hinges to ensure that your hood is securely fastened to your truck.

Grilles: For those long road trips, it is critical to ensure that your vehicle's radiator is protected from debris and bugs by installing a rugged, effective truck grille from our catalogue. If you are more interested in aesthetics, our grilles are available in a variety of styles to easily give your truck some personality. We have Grilles from Automann Canada Inc. and many other top manufacturers and also offer winter fronts and bug screens.

Restore Your Vehicle with a New Front End Sheet Hood: Over time, your vehicle will see dents and dings from frequent use, ruining its appearance. Maxim Truck and Trailer has a large selection of front-end sheet hoods and other body replacement panels so you can repair your truck without straining your budget.

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