Exhaust Parts

Installing the right exhaust parts for your truck is critical for improved performance, fuel economy, and noise and emissions reduction. If you need a replacement or upgrade on any part of your vehicle's exhaust system or other heavy-duty truck parts, Maxim Truck and Trailer has everything you need for your project.

Mufflers: We've got a vast selection of assorted muffler styles and designs so that you can get the right fit for your hard-working truck or other commercial vehicles. Our mufflers are constructed from the best quality aluminized steel to resist corrosion and vibration. Some of the mufflers we have on offer include models from United Muffler and Fleetrite.

Tubes: Maxim Truck and Trailer is your one-stop shop for heavy-duty truck parts, including exhaust pipes and associated tubing. We provide a comprehensive range of styles, stack pipe, universal connectors, and straight tubing. There are also flex, elbow, and flared connector pipes from Fleetrite.

Clamps: Our exhaust clamps combine state-of-the-art engineering with top-quality manufacturing. The clamps are available in different sizes, styles, and materials like aluminized and stainless steel. The Fleetrite selection of strap, guillotine, V-band, or heatshield clamps provides long life, a sharp appearance, and superior corrosion resistance.

OEM-Quality Truck and Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Parts: If you run a commercial operation, a truck with a broken exhaust system is inefficient and puts you at risk for costly downtime. Maxim Truck and Trailer has the heavy-duty truck parts to meet your needs if you need an exhaust muffler, piping, or clamp.

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