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Maxim Truck & Trailer is Now a Deloupe Trailer Dealer

Maxim Truck & Trailer is Now a Deloupe Trailer Dealer

WINNIPEG, MB  (October 25, 2022) - In a joint announcement, Maxim Truck & Trailer and Deloupe are pleased to announce that they have signed a distribution agreement that sees Maxim Truck & Trailer becoming a dealer of Deloupe, Timmins and Trailex trailers.

“Maxim is pleased to be a dealer for the Deloupe semi-trailer lines, “ says Ryan Sapach, VP of Sales, Leasing and Rentals for Maxim. “The Deloupe, Timmins and Trailex product lines are a great complement to our existing trailer brands. We’re excited to be representing another great Canadian trailer manufacturer.”

Deloupe manufactures semi-trailers for specialized applications that include logging, recovery, demolition,  and trailers for hauling scrap and recycled metals. Deloupe has two manufacturing facilities in Quebec (Saint-Evariste-de-Forsyth and Rimouski) and one manufacturing facility in Timmins, Ontario. 

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