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International LT Takes Highest Retained Value Honours

International LT Takes Highest Retained Value Honours

Pictured are Chat Ciesielski, vice president of Navistar's on-highway heavy-duty business and Randall Reilly's Senior Vice President of Sales, Tina Hannagan. 


Price Digests, a provider of vehicle values and specs data for more than 100 years, announced the winners of its 4th annual Price Digests Highest Retained Value Awards (HRVA) – the only industry awards program that leverages third-party, unbiased, data-driven residual values of commercial trucks to recognize those that best hold their value.

Winners of the HRVA Awards were recognized recently at the American Transportation Association’s MCE Conference in San Diego. In the heavy-duty segment, International took home top honours. International's LT625 took the top spot among sleeper tractors with a retained value of 57.74%.

“This year, we’ve seen higher retained values across the board for heavy and medium duty trucks," said Jessica Carr, Price Digests Director of Data and Analytics, adding the impact of Covid-19 supply chain woes changed the trajectory of retained value, keeping it higher than in years past. "We expect the supply chain issues to continue to keep prices higher than normal during the next two to three years, especially for heavy and medium duty commercial trucks, so the investments people and companies make in their trucks will remain high.”  

Price Digests monitors new and used truck values each month, with data analysts updating its Truck Blue Book data to ensure accurate values, VIN decoding and specifications. Price Digests is powered by The Truck Blue Book.

The winners represent the 2022 model series projected to retain the highest percentage of their original value during a five-year period. The HRVA awards are part of Price Digests’ commitment to providing independent, accurate, and reliable information.

“We’re empowering truck dealers, buyers, insurers, lenders, and others by providing reliable data that helps them make informed decisions. Understanding retained value is just one way we enable them to use data as a competitive advantage,” said Dan Smith, Price Digests Sales Director.  

A full list of winners, including heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks and pickups can be found here