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The International eMV Launches

The International eMV Launches

International Trucks has recently launched an all-electric medium-duty truck - the International eMV.

The eMV Series suits any straight rail application and with a vehicle performance of 335 hp, battery capacity of 135 miles, and a GVW rating of up to 33,000 Lbs – it can handle any typical job a traditional medium-duty truck could handle.

What makes the eMV series unique?

  • 210kWh battery pack, making it far more environmentally friendly than any preceding truck
  • Industry-leading 3-levels of regen braking
  • AC/DC charging and capability with up to 125kWh DC fast charge
  • VTG capability and a new full digital display

It comes with a 5-year warranty on its battery, motor, drive charger and cables and its electrified powertrain is fully integrated to ensure all components are optimized to work with each other as a system.

Check out everything the eMV has to offer here.